♡ Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 Palette // Full Review & Swatches ♡


Hi Everyone!

You may remember a few weeks back I had a little spree in superdrug and picked up the Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 palette (haul post here!), I had a few requests from you guys for a review/swatch post so here we are!

I’m not normally very into eye shadow but I want to try and use more eye shadow in my make up looks as I feel it can really add a whole other dimension to your look. I’ve been lusting after the Urban Decay NAKED palettes for so long now, but this seemed like a great budget alternative. So lets take a look at the shades in this palette.

swatch 1-6

1 – Creamy matte shade, perfect base colour or could make a good brow bone highlight

2 – Baby pink shimmer

3 – Dusty pink with a subtle shimmer

4 – Matte dusty pink (my favourite!) 

5 – Warm shimmery pink

6 – Rose gold shimmer

swatch 7-12

7 – Mauve matte shade, similar to 4 but slightly cooler in tone

8 – Mauve shimmer

9 – Dark mauve shimmer

10 – Bronze shimmer

11 – Matte pink toned brown

12 – Brown shimmer with pink undertones

It’s hard to know where to begin as I’m so impressed with this palette, especially considering it only costs £4, such a bargain. I definitely prefer the first half of the palette, but I’m quite reserved with eye shadow and darker shades do tend to scare me a little. With all the shades in the palette, with the exception of shade 1 – the colour pay off is incredible considering that this is a drugstore product.

My favourite shades in the palette are actually the mattes – I absolutely love shade 4 and 7, they go so well together and are extremely easy to blend for a novice like me (any tips would be greatly appreciated)! I also have a bit of a soft spot for shade 3, it complements 4 and 7 really well. I used these three shades as well as shade 1 to create a simple subtle smokey eye! I was debating including this photo as I am quite conscious that I am not the best at applying eye shadow, but I just want to show you how nice the colours look together!


Overall I am so pleased with this palette. It is ridiculously good value for money and the shadows are really easy to apply/blend. I would give it a solid 8.5/10, purely just because I wasn’t too keen on the darker shades in the palette. I know I am going to get so much use out of this palette and I can’t wait to pick up some more eye shadows from Make Up Revolution!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Have you tried any Make Up Revolution Palettes? What’s your favourite eye shadow palette?


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17 thoughts on “♡ Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 Palette // Full Review & Swatches ♡

    1. I think I will probably have to treat myself to a Naked palette at some point as they are just too gorgeous, was thinking about getting the basics 2! I have heard lots about Lorac but never seen it in any stores here in the UK, which really sucks! Thanks for your comment 🙂 xo

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  1. After seeing your haul post, I added this to my list of palettes to check out and possibly buy! I saw it at Ulta yesterday but I had 12 dollars and Maybelline color tattoos to get so I’m saving it for next time!


    1. Which color tattoos did you get? I’ve got 3 shades now and absolutely love them! I’m hoping to pick up the iconic 2 palette this weekend, on a bit of an eye shadow hype at the moment 🙂 xo


      1. I already had Bad to the Bronze and Tough Taupe, and I bought Barely Branded and Inked in Pink! I used Barely Branded as a base for my eyeshadow yesterday and I definitely liked it a lot, I can’t wait to try out Barely Branded!


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