Benefit Brow Bar // My Experience.


Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I went on a little shopping trip to Exeter, and decided to treat myself (and my EBs)- I had a wax & tint at the Benefit Brow Bar. I was so excited, as I heard about the Bold is Beautiful deal that Benefit have got on at the moment – if you have your EBs done in the month of May you get a free gimme brow! On top of this, all the proceeds from Benefit brow treatments in May are being donated to charity, which I think is absolutely fantastic. I have been a big fan of Benefit for a good few years now, I think as a brand they have got their advertising, packaging and their general attitude spot on. So it would be fair to say I had high hopes. I know being Benefit it would be more on the pricey side, but because I’d heard about the ‘Bold is Beautiful’ deal I thought it would be 100% worth it.

Now, I just want to point out – so far on my blog the majority of my reviews/posts have been very positive. I am all about being honest, and not just following popular opinion. So sadly I have say I was quite underwhelmed and disappointed with the whole experience (if you don’t like moany/negative posts you should probably stop reading!). I hate to write in such a negative way about a brand I do actually really love, but I wouldn’t want people to have an experience like mine.

When arriving at the Brow Bar, it almost felt like a bit of a production line, the staff weren’t as peppy and friendly as other Benefit employees I have encountered previously. The lady who did my brows almost came across quite clinical. After a short wait she sat me in the chair and went through the paperwork – which was all fine. I decided to have my brows tinted, and honestly don’t know if I would go for this again. I do have dark brown hair, and sparse brows – so I was under the impression that a tint may help make my brows look slightly thicker by darkening the shorter/lighter hairs. I honestly can’t say I’ve noticed much of a difference, and also the tint really stained my skin.


For the rest of the day I had to walk around feeling very self conscious, especially as Benefit applied the wrong colour concealer around my brows.. which just looked completely orange on my skin. I felt quite let down as only half way through the treatment the Benefit lady decided to tell me that they didn’t have any brow products left in stock! So not only did I have dark concealer all around my EBs, my brows were also bare and I didn’t bring any product with me to top them up. This also meant I wouldn’t be getting the free Gimme Brow I was expecting! I really felt like I should have been told this before the treatment was started, but I am not the most confident person so didn’t really feel as though I could complain about it at the time.

The waxing/shaping part of the treatment was really good, I don’t have any complaints about that. I was shown how to map my brows and I was pleased with the finished shape. The treatment cost £19.50 in total. I feel if I decide to give the brow bar another go, I will probably just have a wax/reshape next time as I’m not sure that the tint is really worth the extra £7. I think the fact I wasn’t informed about the deal, and also the whole concealer fiasco really tainted the experience for me. I’m hoping that I may just be one of the unlucky ones – but I would love to know if you have ever had your EBs done at a Benefit Brow Bar?


I’ve decided I am going to persevere with my brows and try to encourage them to grow more / thicken up. I would love to hear what products you guys use to get the perfect bold brow? I’ve included some photos (above) so you can see the result, let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

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28 thoughts on “Benefit Brow Bar // My Experience.

  1. Did they not give you a voucher or anything for a free gimme brow?! That does seem really unfair and not good customer service. I am also a big fan of Benefit products so I would have felt disappointed too! Xx eyebrows look good though 😊 nice shape xx


    1. No 😦 I was so disappointed! I travelled a good 90 mins pretty much especially to visit the brow bar so was such a shame. Thank you for your comment 🙂 feels strange writing such a negative post! xo

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  2. aww I’m so sad your experience wasn’t the best , I was thinking on going to my nearest benefit counter , but i know the type of the girls who work at mine and they can be quite snobbish and a little hard to deal with on a daily basis so I can only imagine what they would be like on a month like this :/ so disappointing that you didn’t get your gimme brow either 😦 that would of been the whole reason for me going to get my brows done at benefit xx


    1. Well if I knew they didn’t have any Gimme Brow left I probably would have just gone to my local salon instead! I know exactly what you mean, they can be quite cold at times. I just hope not too many others have had an experience like mine! xo

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  3. Oh what a shame! I’ve had mine done there before and they were pretty good although I feel like some of their staff really don’t know how to apply makeup I came out looking awful once! Shame as their products are great and the brand is so quirky! Xxx

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    1. I know it’s such a shame as absolutely love the products! I felt really guilty doing such a moany post, I bit the bullet and sent them an email as well in hope that they might do something to rectify it! Xx

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      1. I’ve just had a response from Benefit, they are going to send me Gimme Brow and some freebies! They were understanding and apologetic about the whole situation so I feel much better! Xx

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  4. That’s so annoying, I know what you mean though as I wouldn’t have complained either! I had my make up done once at Benefit, unplanned and they just approached and asked but I wouldn’t go again as they didn’t blend it/use the correct shades for me 😦 if you wanna get fuller looking brows (if you don’t mind waiting a while) apply vaseline to them every night xo


  5. I would have expected much better from benefit! Hopefully your email will allow you to get some compensation for them having none of the brow gimme left! Good luck! Vaseline is a good shout but I’ve also just bought some cold pressed castor oil for mine, if you search online there’s been some really good reviews claiming growth in like two weeks when applied every night but I’ve only actually applied once so far so I can’t give you my feedback! I suppose vaseline is an easier suggestion but just recommending what I use! Xxxx

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    1. I know right, that’s exactly what I though! Fingers crossed they will give me the response I’m looking for. Ooh would love to hear more about that when you’ve given it a good go! Is it easy to get hold of? Xx

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      1. Hoping you manage to get a voucher for something haha! Yeah I’ll have to do a post about how I’m finding it! It’s fairly easy to get, yeah, amazon sell it, I think that’s where I got mine 🙂 as well as some health food-y places! You’re good to go as long as its cold-pressed then you just apply a tiny bit with a cotton bud each night 🙂 xxx


      2. I’ve just had a response from Benefit, they are going to send me Gimme Brow and some freebies! They were understanding and apologetic about the whole situation so I feel much better! Xx

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      3. Aww I’m so happy for you! And who doesn’t love freebies?! Now I almost wish I had a reason to complain to them haha! Glad they redeemed themselves though! 🙂 xxx


  6. I have not been to the Brow Bar but last time I had my brows waxed, some of skin came off. That was really nice for me. I don’t know why it happened. I’ve been scared to do them again so everyday I keep tweezing them.


    1. Oh my, that doesn’t sound good at all! I do think waxing can be a bit of a nerve wrecking experience if it’s not something you do regularly! I think I will probably just stick to tweezing them for now xo


  7. Thanks for sharing your experience !!! 😦 Tweezing is still the best option.
    For me ABH products are the best of the best, every day I use the DipBrow Pomade, the Brow Powder Duo & the #12 brush … Great brows come from using great tools in my experience. xo’s


  8. I’ve tried the brow bar once but only for the shaping and that was actually in San Francisco! I’m allergic to the wax they use over here so am too scared to use the tinting service. It sounds like they weren’t very nice but at least they were apologetic and sent you freebies x

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