Nails of the Month // June Edition!


Hi Everyone!

I’ve decided I am definitely going to make Nails of the Month a regular post on my blog, I just think it’s a little different and I absolutely love having my nails done at the salon.

My May nails (full post here) were quite bright, so this time I decided to go for something a bit more sleek and subtle – monochrome!

As usual I went to my trusty nail tech/ bestie Kimmi and she did a fantastic job as always. I did mention this in my last nails post, but I will say it again for anyone who is new – she uses products from the brand Young Nails, who are absolutely amazing. I personally love their gel polish line which is called ManiQ and the glitters which they run alongside it are to die for!


This time we used ManiQ in Black 101 & White 101. The ring finger had a good dusting of the glitter ‘Crystal’ as well as an accent of ‘Star Sand’ on the outer edge of nail (as shown in the photo above). I really like Star Sand as it’s very irredescent and shines differently depending on the colours around you and the lighting. On the index and pinky finger we did a very sparse dusting of the ‘Crystal’ glitter, I think it really ties the set together.

I am so happy with this set of nails. The really great thing about monochrome is that it’s so versatile and will work well with whatever colour clothes I decide to wear.

What do you think of my nails this month? I’d love to hear from you!

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7 thoughts on “Nails of the Month // June Edition!

  1. Love! I’m between jobs at the moment so I have to do my own nails. They never quite turn out looking as nice as salon manicures do! Also, I WISH I could wear black polish!! I can’t seem to pull it off? I can wear SUPER dark colors (Lincoln Park After Dark is my holy grail dark shade) but each time I try black I’m like “…nah.” I don’t know why I hate it on myself – I love it on other people! So annoying. 😤

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