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IMG_2396Hey Everyone!

Just a quick little post today, I’m not due to post again until tomorrow but whilst taking photos for next weeks posts I realised a common theme throughout a lot of my recent purchases – so much blush!

In the past I really struggled with blush – I have pale skin and my cheeks tend to be pretty rosy naturally, which I absolutely despise. So growing up I tended to avoid blush, and I would just layer on my foundation extra thick to try and hide the redness. Over time I have learnt to embrace it and have learned to love blush! I just thought I would share with you the blushers I have been loving recently.

Benefit Sugarbomb is a long time love of mine, but over the last few months I have picked up quite a few different blushes. I recently posted about my first Sleek purchase – where I picked up their blushers in the shades Rose Gold and Suede (pictured below), both of which are completely gorgeous and ridiculously good value for money (check out my original post for more info).


L-R: Sleek Rose Gold & Sleek Suede.

I jumped on the band wagon with the Max Factor Creme Puff Blush, I picked up the shade 10 Nude Mauve back in April. Initially I did really love it, but it has a tendency to emphasise my redness so I haven’t been reaching for it as much recently.

Now onto my most recent finds, MAC Harmony – the perfect contour shade for pale skinned English Roses like me. I am currently obsessed with this blush, it is such an easy to wear shade and is really long lasting (full post here). This week I managed to pick up the Make Up Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in the shade Golden Sugar. I am yet to try this out properly but I just can’t emphasise enough how stunning these shades are. For £6 the range of shades and pigmentation is insane. I had to have this palette as I thought it would be the perfect mix of colours for summer time.


Next on my Blush wish list is Benefit’s Coralista! What are your HG Blushers? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below.

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20 thoughts on “♡ Blush Lovin’ ♡

    1. I’ve tried it out the Golden Sugar palette today and I absolutely love it! I’m definitely going to get a lot of use from it. What kinda skin tone do you have? My only worry is it might be a tad too bold for me, I really want it though! xo

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  1. I don’t have MAC Harmony! Hmmm. I do have Gingerly but it’s warm. I’ve been using Benefit Hula for contouring and it’s been doing a good job. I love palettes full of bronzes and golds. So much you can do with those and always good for any time of year!


  2. Ooh! Those Benefit blushes look lovely! I always had an aversion to blush (I think it was childhood memories of the bright pink streak on ladies’ cheeks), but in the recent years, I’ve come to really have fun with it. 😀


  3. Tarte blush in Dollhouse (or Dolly? It’s pale baby pink) I find it adds a nice flush to the cheek and looks pretty good on anyone! Also makeup geek blush in Romance 😍😍😍 I love it!

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    1. I’d definitely recommend picking it up! I’m definitely turning into a blush addict, there are so many more I want to purchase too. This blogging business is not good for my bank account! Thanks for your comment Karen 🙂 xo


  4. I absolutely love the Makeup Revolution Blush Palette. I own it too and am yet to do a review on it! I’m actually wearing some of the pink shades as eyeshadows today as I don’t actually wear blush but I just love how universal the palette is. I use it everyday to highlight and contour a little bit, sooo handy and sooo cheap!! x

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    1. I didn’t think to use them as eye shadows that’s shade a clever idea! It’s amazing how versatile it is isn’t it 🙂 I’ve been using it for highlighting and contouring too – tempted to buy another one of these palettes as they are so cheap! Xx

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