MAC Crosswires Lipstick // Full Review ♡


I’m just gonna put my hands up and say it, I am well and truly addicted to MAC lipsticks! Since my girls got me a MAC voucher for my birthday back in March my collection has been ever expanding.

As Summer has officially begun here in the UK I wanted to get a shade which was right for the season, but not too bright! I spend a lot of my time at work and sadly I can’t always get away with wearing a really bright lip, so I justified the purchase by getting something slightly more muted!

MAC Crosswires is a gorgeous pink based coral in the cremesheen finish. It is super moisturising on the lips and is really easy to apply as it goes on so silky! It is very pigmented considering that its more of a sheer finish, and it’s definitely buildable so you can get a more bold look if that’s what you prefer.

I know some other bloggers have had trouble with the cremesheens emphasising cracked/ dried out areas on their lips but this hasn’t been the case for me at all.


This shade is so different to all my other MAC lipsticks, and I don’t think I have any drugstore lipsticks that are like this either! I do really love a bright coral lip but I think the lovely thing about Crosswires is that it’s slightly more muted, which makes it really versatile.

I feel like I’m going to get so much wear from this shade as it is perfect for day to day wear, but could also be dressed up for night time make up and it will also be really nice to wear when I go on my summer holiday to Zante. I think this shade would compliment pretty much all skin tones and because the finish is so creamy & moist it’s perfect for the warmer summer months.

The only downfall with Crosswires is the wear time, obviously by having a more creamy/ sheer formula you have to compromise on how long lasting the lipstick is. I would say it stays nicely on the lips for around 3 hours, & I’ve noticed it doesn’t stand much chance against food! But I don’t mind too much as it’s such a lovely shade. 

What MAC lipstick shades are on your wish list at the moment? What is your go to summer lipstick?

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24 thoughts on “MAC Crosswires Lipstick // Full Review ♡

      1. Yes! I think Vegas volt is a bold lippie ! Crosswires seems like a slightly muted version of it without too much orange lol.. I think though Vegas volt would look great on you 😉 so suitable for the summer!😊 I think I might add Crosswires to my wishlist !:)

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      2. Thanks lovely, I think I will probably get Vegas volt next as I do love a bold lippie! I’m in a MAC lipstick ban now until August though😫 let me know how you get on if you do get Crosswires xx

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    1. They are so addictive! It’s easy to stick with the matte finish but I was surprised when I tried cremesheen how much I loved it! I think it’s nicer to have something more creamy for summer time especially as I get dry lips from the heat anyways 🙂 Thanks Molly xxx

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      1. It looks like something that’s totally up my alley!! But I think I may need to start my no spending ban a little early, so I won’t be getting anything till August. That sounds like torture but I know it’s necessary!!

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