♡ LUSH Space Girl Bath Bomb: Full Review ♡


I recently found out that one of my favourite LUSH bath bombs, Space Girl is going to be discontinued by LUSH to make way for new products – including some of the Oxford Street Exclusives. So I thought it was about time I wrote a full review.

LUSH say “A space dust filled bath bomb with a sweet and fruity fragrance. Grapefruit oil is refreshing and uplifting for the mood, clarifying and toning the skin, while bergamot makes you feel relaxed and cheerful.”

The shape of this bomb is super unique and it although it’s not the most brightly coloured LUSH product it really does stand out on the shelves. I really like the splash of red glitter too – this colour also comes through when you put the bomb in the bath water.

The scent is the main reason why I love Space Girl so much, it smells just like the sweets Parma Violets which I absolutely loved as a little girl, so it brings back some lovely memories. I have always been a lover of sweet scents so this is just perfect for me. But at the same time it’s also very calming and relaxing – I feel like I always drift off to sleep easily and have a good nights rest after using this bath bomb as it really helps me to unwind.

Once in the water this bomb really bursts into action, the so called ‘space-dust’ aka popping candy gives it a real fizz and pop whilst it spins around the tub – it’s quite satisfying to watch. Sadly I didn’t manage to get a good photo of the bath water but it ends up a really nice tranquil lilac.

I will be sad to see Space Girl discontinued as I love the whole design and the scent is gorgeous – I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this before it is gone for good!

But I’m so excited to see what new bath bombs LUSH will bring into their every day range. I have already tried one of the Oxford Street Exclusive bath bombs – The Experimenter (check out my review here – including a video of the bomb in action) and that was incredible – so I am hoping the other new editions will live up to my high hopes.

Have you tried Space Girl before? What is your favourite LUSH bath bomb? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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14 thoughts on “♡ LUSH Space Girl Bath Bomb: Full Review ♡

    1. Thanks for your comment Joanna 🙂 I’m totally obsessed with LUSH at the moment it just sucks as there isn’t one where I live! Going to pick up lots of bits while I’m in London in 2 weeks though 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I will get some after I move to my new apartment in a few months and will hopefully have a nice bath tub lol. Mine now is okay, I usually just take showers. 🙂 Xo

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I’ll definitely check out your post :). I know right I can’t believe it, I need to seriously stock up or I might get space girl withdrawals ha 😦 xx


      1. Let’s keep our fingers crossed! I’m going to London in 2 weeks though so heading to the Oxford St store I can guarantee I’ll have a massive haul in there I can’t wait! Xx


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