♡ June Favourites! ♡


It’s that time again! Today I’m going to tell you all about my favourite things from the month of June. Other than the lipsticks I’ve been raving about in most of my posts this month, I haven’t had very many beauty favourites so this is probably going to be a bit shorter than my last favourites post – so apologies for that!

La Roche-Posay Effaclar DUO+ Sample – I received this sample in the post a few weeks ago and I actually really love it. I don’t suffer too badly with break outs but I do have quite red blotchy skin, I have found that this product has really helped combat that.

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter – Another sample that I’ve been loving this month! I love using this product on my legs after I’ve had a bath, it’s super moisturising and makes my legs silky smooth. I also really like the smell of this product and it is absorbed into the skin really quickly.

Body Shop Vitamin E face mist – I love multi use products and this face mist definitely falls into that category. Originally I used it as a toning step in my skincare routine but I’ve found it really useful for freshening up my makeup throughout the day. It’s really refreshing and light on the skin. I also like to spray it on my RT sponge before using it to apply my foundation.


Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish in the shade Papaya – I recently decided that I ought to give my nails a break for proper gel polish, and I am trying to go back to painting my own nails. I treated myself to a handful of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine polishes and it was really hard to choose but this is definitely my favourite! It is such a nice peachy coral shade, I like wearing it on my toes and it makes you look a bit more tanned.

L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper – This brow gel is a great drugstore dupe for Benefits Gimme Brow. It took me a while to warm to this product as the formula is much wetter than Gimme Brow and the brush is much bigger but I must say I have really learnt to love it. Brow Artist is great for those days when I want a more natural looking brow, it’s so quick and easy to use so it’s ideal for this mornings when I’m in a bit of a hurry.

Zoeva 109 Luxe Face Paint Brush – I ordered this from the Beauty Bay & for the quality you get, Zoeva brushes are so reasonably priced. This brush has made it into my June favourites as it’s the perfect contour brush, it fits right into the hollows of my cheeks so it’s really great at creating a natural well blended contour. I definitely need to pick up more Zoeva brushes!pimms

Strawberry Pimm’s – British summer time is finally here and sometimes there’s just nothing better after a long day at work than a cold glass of strawberry Pimm’s. It’s quite a bit sweeter than the normal Pimm’s – but I have a massive sweet tooth so I absolutely love this.

Once Upon A Time – Now that I’m all caught up with PLL I’ve been on the hunt for a new series to binge watch! I must admit at first I was a bit unsure, I’m currently almost at the end of Season 2 and I love it so much. I think it’s so clever how they have intwined so many fairy tales. It can be a bit cheesy at times but I’ve just learnt to embrace it.


Fantastic Mr Fox – Other than the Harry Potter films, this is probably my all time favourite film (a big claim I know!). I’ve recently rediscovered my love for it and I can’t stop watching it. I have a real soft spot for stop motion animations and I just think this film is incredible. George Clooney has the perfect voice for Mr Fox, I could just listen to his voice days. I think the colour palette of the whole film is beautiful and I will always have a lot of love for this film.

Bit of a random mixture this month, but I hope you’ve enjoyed it all the same! What have been your favourite things throughout the month of June?

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14 thoughts on “♡ June Favourites! ♡

  1. I swear by the Righteous Butter- especially in Summer when tights stop being socially acceptable. I’ve had the Once Upon A Time box set for ages but I’ve been so distracted by other series, is it good? I’ve heard Jamie Dornan’s in it… 😉

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  2. With the warm weather here I’ve been looking at ways to make sure my makeup stays put all day!! I’ll definitely now take a look at the Body Shop face mist 🙂 also, I love once upon a time, I’m all up to date and can’t wait for it to be back again x

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