Urban Decay NAKED Basics 2 | The Review


I purchased the Urban Decay NAKED Basics 2 palette in the Beauty Bay sale a few weeks ago for £18.00. This is my first ever Urban Decay product so I was really excited to try it and wanted to give it a thorough test run before writing this review.

First off, the packaging is just spot on. It’s very sturdy and just looks so luxurious. The mirror inside the palette is a really good size for doing your make up on the go. I found it really handy having this palette with me whilst we were away in London last week. The palette is palm size, so it’s perfect for chucking in your handbag or your travel make up bag.


The palette has six cool-toned taupe hued shadows, the five matte shades are exclusive to the palette. I really like the shade range in this palette as I think they are really great for every day wear but they could also work really well as a base for a deeper more smokey look. I really love matte eye shadows but I have found it difficult to find a drugstore offering that meets my needs, so this is definitely a welcome addition to my make up bag. I was impressed with the lasting power of these shadows as on one particular day I applied my make up at around 9.00am and the shadow was still going strong at 10.00pm!

The only shade I don’t think I will get much use from is Undone (far right) as I don’t tend to use dark eye shadows very much. Cover is my favourite shade as it has a bit more warmth and looks really nice blended through the crease. I like using primal through the outer third of my eye when I’m wanting a bit more dimension. Frisk and stark are both lovely base shades.


Skimp is a demi matte shade which works really well as a brow bone highlight or to brighten the tear duct area. I love this shade as it’s not too bright so it gives quite a subtle highlight. I’ve included a photo below of how the shadows looked on my lids so you can really appreciate how lovely they are. I’m not the best with eye shadow but I found them so easy to apply and blend.


I am really impressed with this palette as I think the shade selection has so much versatility and is great for those days when I don’t want a shimmery smokey eye but want something a bit softer. The shadows are so blendable and the pigmentation is amazing – I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who is looking for an every day kind of palette!

I really want to try more Urban Decay products so let me know if there’s anything you’d recommend? I’ve got my eye on the original NAKED palette & also the Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer.

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46 thoughts on “Urban Decay NAKED Basics 2 | The Review

  1. I have the naked 1, naked 2, and the original naked basics, and my most used one has to be the naked 1! You can do so many different looks with it. I also really like the basics palette, and I only really use the naked 2 for when I want a silver smokey eye!xx

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      1. I have tried the revolution ones and they are fab for £4! Sometimes I just like the novelty of having the high end version. As I’ve got iconic 2 and 3 I’d love to try the original naked palette! What are your thoughts on the naked smokey? Xx

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  2. Great post! I have a love this palette! It’s great for subtle natural looks. Though it didn’t take me long to hit pan on Skimp! Lol. ❤ xo

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      1. Yeah Skimp is almost gone! Lol!! I want to get the first Naked Basics one though sometime and try that one out. It’s such a great palette! 🙂 xox

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  3. I was never interested in this palette before because I always liked a bit of shimmer but now I am so lusting over this! I don’t quite know what happened but all I want is matte eyeshadows haha! Such pretty shades and a perfect little compact palette!


    1. I honestly love it so much, they can work as a really nice base for a more shimmery shade too so they would be a great addition to your make up bag ha! I think the reason why I’ve been leaning more towards matte shadows is because you don’t get any fall out and they just last FOREVER in the heat we have been having. Let me know how you get on if you do decide to pick this up 🙂 xx

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      1. It’s worth the price tag yes because it’s VERY good and no because 34$CND is almost too much !!! I still love my L.A Girl concealer and it’s cost 5$.


  4. I’d never even thought of buying the Naked 2 Basics as I don’t suit cool tones but I think I may have changed my mind! Personally I love my Naked 1, I use it for everything, including contouring, highlighting and filling in my brows. The Naked 3 is the other one that I have been eyeing up as pink tones look great with green eyes! Xoxo

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      1. I use Naked when I haven’t got a tan 🙂 really great for cheekbones! And Darkhorse for my brows (I like to use shimmer shades as I feel they give a more natural finish). Definitely one for the collection! Xox

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      2. Haha yay! To be honest with you it’s the only eyeshadow palette I currently own as it’s the one thing I won’t pay for! So I absolutely milk it haha 🙂 xxx


  5. I have the original Naked Basics palette, but looking at these colors, I almost like this one more! I might have to pick it up in the near future. I just love Urban Decay! I’ve been dying to try their Naked Weightless Concealer. Hope to see a review on that if you try it!


  6. These colors look lovely on you. This palette would be better for pale skinned people as most colors are light, so they won’t show much on darker or olive skin tones. And lucky you to get it at such an awesome price 🙂

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