Zoella Tutti Fruity Bath Fizzer | The Review


Hello Everyone!

I’m back with another review for you today. There has been a lot of hype within the blogging community for the NEW Zoella range so I thought I would nip it in the bud with my review on the ‘Bath Fizzer’.

Even though I wasn’t a huge fan of the Fizz Bar from Zoella’s original range (read my full review here) – I wanted to give the Zoe the benefit of the doubt and see if there was any improvement on the original range.

I am going to start on a positive note! I do really love the branding and packaging of the bath fizzer. I think the packaging is spot on as it’s very cute and girlie. I love the lace effect that’s printed on the wrapper and it’s the kinda product that’s nice to have on display in your bathroom. I also really like the fact that each of the cubes is embossed with a bow, which is a really nice touch.


Sadly it all starts to go slightly downhill from here. The product is made up of four white blocks so you can use it for four baths, although it’s quite good value for money (£5.00 for 4 baths) I still don’t think this is justified due to the quality of the product. Once in the water the black fizzes at an alarmingly slow rate (as shown in the photo below). Whilst in the tub it doesn’t really give off any sort of noticeable scent. It also doesn’t change the colour of the water or create any bubbles – which really is what I expect when using a bath bomb kind of product.


I really dislike writing negative reviews, but I know a lot of people would buy into the hype with this product so I thought it was really important to put my honest thoughts across! I did feel quite disappointed with this product as it provides very little excitement and just leaves the bath looking like a regular bath, you can’t really tell that you’ve used a bath product.

I completely understand that Zoella’s range is aimed more at younger girls and teenagers, but I still feel she could have done a better job with this product whist keeping it at an affordable price. I think it’s important to take into consideration that this product has to compete with the likes of LUSH and Bomb cosmetics bath bombs which are much more exciting! With the theme of the range being Tutti Fruity I think something like fruit shaped bombs e.g.  A Raspberry bomb which is bright pink and looks like a giant raspberry, would be a much better and more fun idea.

Overall this product gets 3/10 and I will not be repurchasing it (Sorry Zoe!).

Let me know your thoughts if you have tried any of the product from the New Zoella range?

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18 thoughts on “Zoella Tutti Fruity Bath Fizzer | The Review

      1. Completely agree. It can be difficult to say bad things especially about brands or people you’d usually love. But being truthful is important. Especially in building a dynamic blog.

        Well done you! 🙂 🙂

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  1. Don’t worry about posting negative reviews, we can’t all like everything all of the time and I like to be completely honest in my reviews. When people check out reviews for guidance on making a purchase (let’s face it a fiver might not seem a lot but for a teen who as you say this is aimed at they may have worked a couple of hours for that money) they need to read a range of reviews to help them make a choice. I’ve bought products which have literally burned my skin off, if i don’t tell people that then someone who is sensitive like me might end up like me, whereas others have reviewed the same products and used them with no problems, so readers get a balanced opinion to help them decide. They may still buy but try with caution. I am disappointed if I buy anything fruity that isn’t and like you if I’m dropping fizzers in my bath I want colour, instant frangrance burst and even a bit of skin care oil as well. Great review.

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