Mini Beauty Haul | Ft Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Lipstick


Since our trip to London I have been trying not to spend any money on Beauty products. I haven’t been on a strict ban, but I’ve been trying to get into the habit of only buying things that I really need or if I’ve finished another product. But as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I can’t resist a good bargain & it’s very rare that I go to Boots without picking up a few goodies! It’s been a while since I purchased any drugstore lip products so I decided to give myself a little treat.


I think Rimmel are probably one of my favourite drugstore brands as their products are so well priced and they really keep up to date with beauty trends. I have had my eye on the Kate Moss Nude Lipstick range since it’s release at the beginning of the month so I thought it was time to invest! The Rimmel lipsticks were buy one get one half price in Boots so I couldn’t say no.

Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Lipstick in the shade 45 – This was the only shade from the nude range which really appealed to me. I feel like this is a cross between MAC Brave and MAC Peach Blossom, it’s not as mauve as Brave but it is slightly darker than Peach Blossom. I really love the finish of this lipstick as it’s super creamy, and sits really nicely on the lips. I think this will work really well with my Rimmel East End Snob lip liner.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade 38 – I’ve had my eye on this shade for a while! As I’m sure you will know if you read my Summer Lip Essentials post (click here to view full post) I am currently really loving more peachy toned lipsticks. This shade is a gorgeous peachy nude which really suits fair skin tones. It is slightly more nude than my other peach lipsticks so I think I will get a lot of use from this shade.


At the moment I’m trying to round up the last few bits I need for my holiday – I like to be organised and make sure I have everything together in advance so there is no last minute shopping stress! I thought both of these products would come in really handy for travelling.

Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover – Emily Rose mentioned this product in her recent haul video and I was really intrigued by it so thought I would give it a go. It claims to be ultra efficient and requires no rubbing. Sometimes I do struggle when removing my eye make up, especially if I’m wearing a lot of mascara so I’m hoping this product will be perfect for that.

Mini Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – I actually have half a large bottle of this product on the go at the moment, so I’m putting this little cutie away especially for my holiday! It was on offer for Β£1 which I think is a steal. It’s really handy to have a mini product so that I don’t have to worry about decanting products into containers.I really love this micellar water as it’s so gentle on my skin and doesn’t irritate my under eye area which can be very sensitive.

Have you picked up any bargains from the drugstore recently? Are their any products you would recommend I pick up to take on my holiday?

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29 thoughts on “Mini Beauty Haul | Ft Rimmel Kate Moss Nude Lipstick

  1. I got the same Rimmel Nude one as I agree it’s the only one that appealed to me too!! I love the Garnier miscellar water it’s my fave makeup remover! I’ll have to try the eye makeup remover as I struggle to find one that doesn’t irritate my eyes! X

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    1. Some of the other shades in the nude range were definitely too close to ‘concealer lips’ for my liking! I find it really hard to pull off dark nudes as well, so this was the perfect one. Pale girl problems hey! Xx


  2. Ooo this post has perfect timing for me! I’m going on holiday next week and now think that I will get the mini miscellar water as I have read such good reviews. Also love the look of the Kate moss lipstick and it’s definitely on my wish list!! Xx

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      1. I haven’t tried many of their red shades, which ones are your favourites? I feel like I’ve kind of neglected red shades recently as I’ve become so addicted to nudes and peachy tones xx

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