LUSH Dragon’s Egg | The Review


Now that I’m well and truly stocked up on LUSH bath products, there is definitely going to be a few more LUSH reviews over the next couple of weeks. If you read my LUSH Oxford Street Haul post you will know how much love I have for the Dragon’s Egg. It’s one of LUSHs regular bath bombs that you can buy in any store and I think it’s possibly the best smelling bath bomb I’ve ever had, so I had to write a whole post on this product to tell you all about it.

LUSH say “Dragons Egg – The Multilayered spectacle. Popping candy and swirling sparkles makes this a feast for the eyes as well as the skin”


I must say, I 100% agree with that statement. I really like the appearance of the Dragon’s Egg, I think it’s quite mysterious as it a creamy colour but with a slight hint of other pastel colours beneath the surface. Of course things get much more exciting when this bomb hits the water, it bursts in two and releases a wave of colour. As it fizzes and pops it sends swirls of orange and glitter all around the tub which is great to watch.

As I’ve already mentioned before, I really love the scent of this bath bomb. It’s quite a sweet scent but it’s not too over powering, you can really smell the citrusy notes. It reminds me of sherbet quite a lot and I also really think this bath bomb looks like sherbet too. The scent translates really well in the water and leaves your skin looking and feeling fresh. I always find my skin is really soft the next day after using my Dragon’s Egg.


The glitter in this bath bomb is really pretty, it’s more gold in colour and surprisingly washes away very easily. I find with some glittery bath bombs once you empty the tub you are left with a horrible gritty residue, but with Dragon’s Egg as long as you give the bath a quick rinse over it isn’t too bad all. The only problem is with this glitter is it often clings to my skin quite a lot, so the following day I tend to notice I’m looking very sparkly! But that is only one small complaint among many positive aspects.

I will always repurchase this bomb for two reasons – the scent and the colours, I’m just a sucker for anything thats lemon scented and anything with pastel colours. I do really think LUSH have hit the nail on the head with this one, and I hope that they don’t ever discontinue it like they have done with my beloved Space Girl!

What is your favourite LUSH bath bomb?

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7 thoughts on “LUSH Dragon’s Egg | The Review

      1. Yeah! I bought it because it’s meant to be good for dry skin☺️I’ll probably do a post on it when I have a chance to use them!xx


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