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I’ve had a seriously severe case of wanderlust recently! It is still about 6 weeks until my summer holiday and I’ve already started planning on where I’d like to go next year. I think I’d like to do a few long weekends away, to visit a few destinations throughout Europe as well as a late summer holiday. So I thought I would talk to you about the places in Europe I’d most like to visit.

Barcelona – Spain’s capital city is at the top of my list of places I’d like to visit. I went on a trip here with my family was around 13, I remember being really overwhelmed by the amazing food markets and beautiful architecture. My boyfriend and I really enjoy exploring cities and taking in all the culture so I feel like Barcelona would be right up our street. I love the fact that there is a beach here too. We are thinking about heading to Barcelona for 4-5 days in April/May time.

Berlin – Again Berlin is a beautiful city which has bundles of culture and history. German was the language I learnt whilst at school but I have never actually been to Germany so I would really enjoy testing out my German language skills. I think Berlin would be a lovely city to visit during the winter and in the run up to Christmas with all their amazing Christmas markets.

Florence – In my last travel post (click here to read full post) I spoke about how much I wanted to visit Italy in general, and it was pretty tough to narrow it down to one particular City in Italy. Florence really encompasses everything I love about Europe, it’s so vibrant and picturesque. The Italians are just a wonderful bunch of people too with the greatest cuisine of all, which plays a big part in my lust for this place.

Prague – I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s something very unique and mysterious aboutΒ Prague. I’ve never really ventured much further into Europe than Spain/France which is terrible I know, so I feel like Prague would be great for pushing the boat out. It seems like a city which has a lot of character and the gothic architecture is just stunning. A friend of mine went this year and the food & drinks were very cheap, all the more reason to go I say!

Brighton – Something a little bit closer to home! With regards to UK cities, I have been to most of the places I’d like to visit (e.g. Cardiff, Dublin, London, Manchester, Birmingham etc etc). Brighton is currently a very hyped up place to go, due to the high concentration of bloggers/youtubers living there such as Zoella, Suzie from Hello October & more. But I really think I would really love it there, as the idea of a proper seaside city just seems perfect to me. I get the impression it has a really chilled out and quirky vibe and I’d love to spend hours exploring all the shops in the lanes.

What European cities would you like to visit? Have you visited any of the places in my post? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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20 thoughts on “Wanderlust | European Cities I’d Love to Visit

    1. You would love it over here πŸ™‚ London is just incredible, I’ve been about 5 times in the last year or so and I’m constantly finding more to do and places to explore! Think of all the lovely bloggers you’d meet if you came to the UK haha xx

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  1. Great little read. I have been to 4/5 cities on your wishlist. Still need to go to Barcelona. All of them are amazing! I recently came back from Brighton and it was so lovely. If you have any questions about the places let me know, otherwise I wish you good luck on your mission! πŸ™‚

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      1. I visited Prague in late July/early August and would totally recommend it. It is like being transported into a beautiful medieval city, but it also has this amazing Gothic architecture. The town square is one of the best I have visited. Exciting nights out, romantic river spots, amazing views if you go up towards St.Vitus cathedral. Lovely people as well. Only slight downside is most places only accept the Czech Crown currency, so if your planning on visiting a number of European cities it can be quite annoying having to exchange money. But it’s worth it!

        If you’d like to check some snippets from my visit, here’s a vid: https://themusingcouple.wordpress.com/2014/11/24/interrail-adventures-exploring-prague-and-hello-vienna/


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