Things That Make Me Happy Part 2 | Harry Potter


Welcome to the second part of my little lifestyle series, things that make me happy! If you didn’t check out the first part have a little nosey here – it was all about my gorgeous labrador Maisie.

But now, back to Today’s topic! I’m very excited to be writing about this as it’s one of the biggest loves/obsessions in my life but I am yet to write about it on my blog. For as long as I can remember I have always loved Harry Potter. I remember getting the first book as a young girl and the only word I can use to describe it is magical (how cliche I know).

It is something which I really associate with family as when I was growing up initially my mum would read the books to my Brother & me. As we got older we used to see who could read the new book the quickest, even my Dad would join in! Then the film series began and it became a family tradition that we would always watch them at the cinema together.

I have lost count of how many times I have watched each of the movies. Whilst I was at University I had real trouble getting to sleep so each night I used to put on one of the Harry Potter films to fall asleep too. The familiar voices and beautiful soundtracks were perfect for helping me drift off to sleep. When I’m feeling down or poorly there is nothing better than snuggling up in bed with a hot chocolate & watching Harry Potter. There is something just so comforting about the series and it will never get old for me. There are a few small things within the films that bug me a little, but not the whole I think they are really well done. The films capture the magic of the story perfectly and I think pretty much all the castings were spot on. I have an especially large soft spot for Tom Felton and I also really love Evanna Lynch.

I am lucky enough to have visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London three times now! I went originally a month after it first opened and I had made sure I didn’t look at anything online so it was all a complete surprise to me. As the tour began I even teared up just watching the intro video with Dan, Emma & Rupert. When the doors opened into the Great Hall I was completely overwhelmed. The Studio Tour is an incredible experience and I highly recommend it if you haven’t been already. I am planning another visit towards the end of the year as I haven’t been since they added the Hogwarts Express. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading a post about the Studio Tour.

I am yet to visit Hogwarts & Diagon Alley at Universal Studios in Florida but I am determined to go in the near future. I can’t even begin to describe how happy it would make me. I’m really lucky as my boyfriend also enjoys the Harry Potter films, so he quite happily goes along with my mad potter ramblings. I have collected quite a lot of merchandise including lots of Harry Potter Lego which I am extremely proud of, my time turner necklace & various books and prop replicas. I am desperate to get my hands on a wand but I just can’t make my mind up which one I’d like!

I’m aware that this is a really geeky post and it’s super different to what I usually write, but I have really enjoyed it. Β A few months ago I actually took part in a Harry Potter blogger chat on twitter & it literally made my day. I’d love to hear if any of you are Harry Potter fans?

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25 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy Part 2 | Harry Potter

  1. I’m right there with you. I’m on the last book right now. ( I know, so late to the party) I was going through a rough patch and escaping into the world of Harry Potter was the best thing. I want to read them all over when I’m done.

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  2. Another Harry Potter Fan here! I have read them around 10 times both in german and english. When the last part was published I read all of it in 24 hours (really I couldn’t sleep!). It’s been a while since I read them actually 4 years but watch the DVDs now and then. It has had a huge impact on my personal development .. Especially in the last book when Harry has to decide either to let Voldemort kill him or not…

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      1. It’s so worth the money you pay! Yeah I have been to the tour in London! Florida is like the studio tour on heat! The simulator rides are epic as well. It’s the bit where Harry snaps the wand at the end that gets me and there’s a bit where they’re all in the great hall and Snape makes a speech or something like that (don’t quote me on that lol but something like that lol) I’m like – why make it up?!? xx

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      1. i’m not really sure! i’ll have to watch it but I don’t know if it’ll be as good with lots of different characters xx


      1. I also love The Prisoner of Azkaban but I also really enjoyed the half blood prince – the book even more so than the film. I love the development of Malfoy in that book & the relationship that builds between Harry & Dumbledore before he dies! Xx


      2. Can’t disagree with your reasoning. I do think that the films get better the further along the series they go but the HP tour have me a new found love of the earlier ones. I loved the story that the director of POA Alfonso asked the three main characters to write an essay about their character and Rupert didn’t do it as he said Ron wouldn’t have either!

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      3. I agree! I think it helps that technology progressed so the special effects kind of grew with the films. I didn’t know that! Typical Rupert hey πŸ™‚ I could talk about Harry Potter for hours haha


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