What’s in my (Bum)Bag | Reading Festival Edition


Today’s post is quite an exciting one! Whilst you are reading this I will be well on my way to Reading Festival. My boyfriend and I have got day tickets for Friday at Reading so I thought I’d mix things up & show you what I’m taking along with me in my bumbag.

There is something so novel about wearing a bumbag, I absolutely love it. It’s much more convenient than carrying around a handbag and it almost feels a bit more safe too. I’ve tried to fill it with all my festival essentials so I’m ready for anything!

First up I’m going to talk about items I’ve not included in this photo. I’m going to take a miniature sun cream – the forecast is pretty good & I don’t wanna risk getting burnt. I’m also going to chuck in my MAC Studio Fix powder just so I can keep my oily t-zone in check.

I’m packing my Nikon point & shoot camera as the battery life is great, much better than my iPhone! It’s not the best for photos but I really like the video quality on this camera – I will definitely be recording some of Panic at the Disco’s set!


Next up are two major festival essentials – hand gel & baby wipes. After my experience last year at Glastonbury I feel as though I’m mentally prepared for the hurdle that is festival toilets, both of these items will help to get me through this experience (how dramatic I know!).

I’m taking the Body Shop Vitamin C Face Spritz as it will be great for freshening up my face throughout the day, and also for cooling me off when the warmth gets a bit too intense. I’m driving so won’t be able to have any alcohol, so anything that will help to keep me feeling more comfortable is a must.

A statement lip is definitely essential for Festival make-up, I’ve decided to go for MAC’s Lady Danger but I will also be taking my Burt’s bees lip balm just to give my lips a bit of moisture. Lady Danger is a gorgeous Red/Coral which is a matte finish, so the colour will last all day on my lips.

Last but not least.. Some Snazaroo Body Glitter. This stuff is so nineties but I absolutely love it. I had this little tub left over from Glastonbury so I thought it would be silly not to use this up!

Let me know if you are interested in seeing a full post about my day at Reading, or if you’d like to see an OOTD/FOTD?

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