Friday at Reading Festival 2015


On Friday I had my first experience of Reading Festival! I had been looking forward to it all summer and I was certainly not disappointed. So I wanted to share some photos with you all & talk about my day.

WeΒ left my house in Devon at around 7.00am on Friday morning and made it to Reading at around 10.30am. I was so relieved as I’ve never driven that far before and it was pretty straight forward getting into the Festival. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’ve only ever been to one festival prior to this & that was Glastonbury last year.

Once we had got into the main arena we decided to grab a cup of tea & head over to the main stage to watch Neck Deep! They aren’t a band I’ve listened to much before but they were fun to watch & a great way to kick start our day. Following this we had a bit of a break so decided to explore around the site – it was much smaller than Glastonbury but it was nice to have some time to mooch about and explore.


Next up was what I had been looking forward to the most – watching Panic! At The Disco! I have loved this band from such a young age and I idolise Brendan Urie so much. I think he’s a fantastic frontman and obviously he is a total babe! They are definitely up there in the top 5 live bands I’ve ever seen. Their set was incredible and they did an amazing cover of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Brendan is such a character and really got the crowd going, I had such a great time watching him.


Following that we watched a bit of All Time Low on the Main Stage, followed by Porter Robinson and Dillon Francis on the Dance Stage. The Dance Stage was quite intense as you can imagine but I loved seeing Dillon Francis especially as Brendan Urie came out to sing with him!


We made sure we took so time out from being in the crowds to sit down and just take it all in. There was such a good atmosphere and we were so lucky as the weather was amazing! I loved sitting in the sunshine with an Oreo milkshake, listening to the great bands and blowing some bubbles!

Before watching some more bands in the evening we had a Gourmet Burger Kitchen burger which was amazing! Then we decided to grab a pint (our only one of the day due to driving back that evening) and make the most of our last few hours at the festival.


We caught the end of Alt J’s set which was really good – they are quite an unusual band but I know I won’t get the chance to see them again so I was really glad I got to see them. After this we headed over to the NME tent to catch a bit of Limp Bizkit – their set clashed with the headliners on the main stage Mumford & Sons. But as my boyfriend loves Limp Bizkit so much we agreed that we would head over to catch the first few songs. They opened with Rollin’ which was so fun to see as the crowd were going totally nuts!

Last but certainly not least were Mumford & Sons – they were the main reason I wanted to go to Friday at Reading. I remember watching Glastonbury 2013 on tv when they headlined and since then I have been dying to see them live. They are one of those bands which are really good at captivating their audience, even if you don’t know every song they will grab your attention. The highlight for me was definitely hearing them play ‘The Cave’ & ‘Roll Away Your Stone’ – even though we were quite far back their was such a great atmosphere in the crowd and I really enjoyed it.


I had such an amazing time at Reading – I will definitely be getting a day ticket again as it was so nice to not have to camp and go back to your own bed at the end of the day! The day tickets this year were really good value for money and I feel like we were super lucky as their were plenty of good bands playing on the Friday. I’m so lucky to have a boyfriend who has such similar taste in music and I really enjoyed spending the day with him watching some great bands.

Have you been to any festivals this year? What are your best memories from this summer?

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16 thoughts on “Friday at Reading Festival 2015

  1. Sounds like you had such a great time! I would love to go to Reading festival! I love PATD! I seen them last year on their UK tour and they were so good! I so want to see Mumford and Sons live! They seem like they would be amazing live!

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