Drugstore Concealer Round Up!


Concealer is something I’ve had trouble with in the past due to having dry skin and also being on the paler side! In the past 6 months I feel I have really put these three concealers to the test so I thought I would do a comparison post and share my thoughts with you.

The three concealers I’m going to talk about are: Collection Lasting Perfection, Maybelline Fit Me & Rimmel Wake Me Up – all of which can be found at the drugstore for under £6.00.

Shade selection – The range of shades on offer for the Collection & Rimmel offerings are pretty limited – but despite this I feel as though these two concealers cater well for those with pale skin. I have the lightest shade in both Lasting Perfection & Wake Me Up, both of which work really well for my throughout the entire year. Maybelline has a slightly wider range of shades. As you can see from the swatch below the Maybelline concealer comes up a lot darker, and it is much more orange toned. I have this in shade 10 which is the lightest on offer, but once we see the back of summer I won’t be able to wear this any longer. I feel like this concealer would be better for those with more of an Olive skin tone.


L-R: Collection LP, Maybelline Fit Me & Rimmel WMU

Texture & Blendability – Rimmel WMU has the nicest texture out of the three, it’s very silky and sits very comfortably on the skin. It’s very easy to blend which makes application a breeze! Collection LP has a much thicker formula which requires more work to blend into the skin and can sometimes cling to dry patches. Maybelline Fit Me is super creamy but isn’t as easy to blend as I would have liked considering how creamy the formula is.

Coverage & Lasting Power – Of the three concealers, Rimmel is definitely a bit lacking in coverage. It claims to be a full coverage concealer but I would disagree – it’s more sheer/medium and it doesn’t have the greatest staying power. Maybelline Fit Me falls in the middle, it provides a decent amount of coverage without being too heavy. Powder is key with this product to minimise the chance of creasing. Collection LP is definitely a winner when it comes to coverage. It is very heavy duty so works well for covering blemishes and it also has great staying power. I’ve managed to make this work for my dry skin by blending it with a damp beauty blender.


It’s hard for me to say which concealer I prefer of the three, as I’ve had much better luck with high end concealers. I do use all three of these products but for very different reasons. Rimmel Wake Me Up – For good skin days when I’m going for the ‘no make-up’ kind of look. Maybelline Fit Me – When my skin has a bit more colour and I don’t want a super heavy duty concealer. Collection Lasting Perfection – For days when I want full coverage concealer that lasts all day!

Have you tried any of these products? What is your favourite drugstore concealer?

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19 thoughts on “Drugstore Concealer Round Up!

  1. I’m pale myself and find Maybelline’s Fit Me Concealer in 15 a better match for my skin tone than 10. If you have a warm undertone 10 will probably suit you better but if you’re cool I’d say go for 15 🙂


  2. completely agree with the review of the collection lasting perfection! haven’t tried the other two, but I’m using the rimmel lasting finish concealer at the moment, and it’s the closest thing I’ve found to a drugstore dupe of Benefit’s Boing! 🙂 xx


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  3. I always found the collection concealer was a bit drying on me after a few weeks. My favourite was the Rimmel Wake Me Up. Another good one is the Maybelline Erase Eye- but only on under eye areas since it has brightening properties.

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