Paco Rabanne Olympēa | Fragrance Review

Whilst at the Airport last week I had one goal in mind – to treat myself to a new perfume I’ve not tried or purchased before. I usually tend to stick with Marc Jacobs fragrances, so I was determined to find something a bit different to my usual choices.

Olympēa is the latest release from Paco Rabanne. This perfume is described as a modern day Cleopatra, whose fragrance is a unique olfactory adventure, at the crossroads of between the sensuality of salt vanilla accord and the freshness of floral notes.

I will put my hands up and admit it, the main thing that caught my attention about this product was initially the packaging. Rose gold is a massive deal at the moment and even the box looks simple yet stunning. The bottle inside is even more appealing. With rose gold detailing, you can really sense the ancient history theme behind this perfume. It is very unique and stands out from the rest on the shelves.IMG_8985I’m not the best at giving descriptions of scents – but I will give this my best shot. The salted vanilla scent is very unique, it is the main element of this perfume but it isn’t too overpowering. The floral notes are very subtle, which is perfect for me as I’m not normally keen on floral scents. The combination is very luxurious, yet works well for both daytime and night time as it is not too overpowering.

I wore this perfume every day whilst we were on holiday and I was actually really impressed. With other fragrances I have always found that after a few hours the scent has completely faded away, this was not the case with Olympēa. This may sound slightly ridiculous, but after putting this perfume on in the morning & going for two swims in the ocean the scent was still quite noticeable.

Olympēa currently retails for £61.50 for an 80ml bottle (I purchased mine for £55 in Duty Free – so it’s definitely worth a look if you are flying any time soon!). It is more on the high end side of things, but due to it’s unique aroma and longevity, I would say Olympēa is worth it. I would go as far as saying that this is my new favourite perfume!

What is your favourite perfume? Have you tried any of the Paco Rabanne scents?

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