Weekly Five #2

weekly 5 candle

Another week has passed and it’s time for my second weekly five. This week has been lovely as I’ve had some down time where I’ve been able to catch up with my YouTube subscriptions/ bloglovin’ feed and I’ve had some time to relax, I even managed to do a bit of baking for the first time in ages. I feel like we’ve really hit proper full blown Autumn now, the leaves are starting to drop and there’s definitely a distinct chill in the air, so that will play a part in this week’s post too.

5 things that have got me feeling Autumnal

  1. Warm spiced scented candles
  2. Tartan scarves and woolly hats
  3. Costa gingerbread lattes (Because my nearest Starbucks is 1 hour way, no PSL’s for me wahh!)
  4. Frosty dog walks
  5. Wearing my onesie & slippers

5 Blogs I’ve been loving

  1. Very Berry Cosmo – Kayleigh’s writing style is brilliant and her posts are always very unique.
  2. The Flower That Blooms – Sisters who both love LUSH just as much as me!
  3. Wear Daisy Went – Daisy’s photography is totally on point.
  4. Pores For Thought – Joanna’s blog has remained a firm favourite of mine, especially her travel posts.
  5. Dorkface – Probably one of the nicest bloggers I’ve chatted too, Jemma is an all round babe and has a gorgeous blog.

5 YouTube Channel’s I can’t stop watching!

  1. Just Jodess – A new favourite of mine, such a lovely girl – her videos always make me laugh!
  2. Emily Rose – Emily has great taste in beauty products and her tutorials are really great.
  3. Hello October – Of the bigger British YouTubers Suzie is definitely my favourite at the moment.
  4. Kathleen Lights – Kathleen’s videos always make me giggle and she is always creating gorgeous make up looks.
  5. Hannwinn – I love discovering smaller YouTubers – Hannah’s channel is super lovely.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Five’s, if you have any suggestions for next week’s Five’s feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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