Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length | The Review


When I spoke about this product in last month’s collective haul post (click here to read the post) I had a few requests to post a review on this product, so here we are. I just want to point out haircare isn’t something I’m massively into, I have thick curly hair which is quite difficult to manage so most regular hair products don’t do much for me. I’ve always struggled with my hair getting to shoulder length then not really growing any further, so I decided to bite the bullet and see if this product lives up to it’s reputation.

This is actually my second pot of this treatment, so I feel as though I’ve been using it long enough to give a good picture of what it’s like. For the 200ml pot it costs £8.49 which is not particularly cheap, but Boots have the Lee Stafford range on offer quite regularly so I’d definitely recommend stocking up when it’s on 3 for 2 to save yourself some pennies! I absolutely love the packaging for the entire range, it’s very vibrant and unique so there’s no chance of me misplacing it!

The product is very similar to an intense conditioner, you are supposed to use it in between shampoo and condition. Applying it from roots to ends and leaving for 5 minutes. However when I use it, I tend to just work it through the roots of my hair after using shampoo, then I just use my regular conditioner on the rest of my hair. I find that it’s mainly my roots that really need the treatment this product offers and doing it this way makes the pot last a bit longer. I tend to use this treatment every time I’m conditioning my hair, which tends to be twice a week.

I’ve found it makes a big difference in the overall condition of my hair, it’s made it much more soft and healthy looking. I think having healthier looking hair means that it’s likely to grow faster, as your hair will be stronger and less brittle. It’s also made my hair much more manageable, as my hair is less frizzy. On my last trip to the hair salon my hairdresser actually commented on how much my hair had grown, so I think that’s definitely a good sign.

I will continue to repurchase this growth treatment, as I am really impressed with the results – especially the difference of the condition of my hair. I would highly recommend trying this if you are trying to grow your hair, or if you are struggling with dry/difficult to manage hair.

Have you tried any products from Lee Stafford?

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14 thoughts on “Lee Stafford Treatment For Hair That Never Grows Past A Certain Length | The Review

  1. Omgosh my hair is naturally curly thick and frizzy!! It takes forever to wash blow dry and straighten! I can actually use im washing my hair as an excuse as to why I’m busy lol!! I’m trying to grow out my layers but they’re not going anywhere so I will definitely give this a go! Thanks for the review id never have considered this otherwise! I love lee Stafford though and have loads of other of his products! Preparing to schedule a post on the new coco loco range as we speak! Xx

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    1. I feel your pain Sophie I hardly ever straighten my hair just because it takes way too long! I look forward to seeing your review as Id love to try some more Lee Stafford products 🙂 xx


  2. I’ve never tried this but I’ve heard good things! I’m just dubious to shell out £9 for a pot to find it doesn’t do anything, but I may try it now. Also your comb is really cool ahah!


  3. This sounds awesome! I haven’t heard of this range before, maybe because I’m in Canada?
    I know what you mean about hair that won’t grow past a certain point — as soon as mine gets to my chest, it’s like “nope, I’m done, bye!” ugh!

    xx Krista


  4. I’ve always been a little sceptical about this product but I think I may have to pick it up now after reading this!

    My hair is really dry and brittle and never grows past a certain length.

    Great review!

    Sophie x


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