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Rimmel is one of the brands that I first tried when I started out using my make-up during my teens. At times I have fallen in and out of love with them, their packaging and advertising not always being to my taste. But recently I’ve rediscovered my love for their products and wanted to share this with you.

Of the drugstore brands Rimmel takes the crown for best drugstore lip liners, the Exaggerate lip liner in East End Snob is a well loved product within the beauty bloggging community and with good reason. At just £3.99 it is a bargain, but the quality of the liner is amazing. The slanted edge makes application a dream and it’s also self sharpening. I am also a fan of the Lasting Finish lip liners, which come in at just £2.99. I personally think the colour range is better with the Lasting finish liners as they have a lot of nude shades.

The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks are another highlight from this brand. Over the years the range has grown dramatically and they manage to keep up with the trends within the community very well. This years addition of the Nude range was a great move, shade 45 has quickly become one of my most well loved drugstore lipsticks.


The Wake Me Up range has always been a favourite of mine. I remember when the foundation was first released and every girl in my class at school was talking about it, at the time it’s light reflecting particles were revolutionary. It is still one of my most reached for base products due to its dewy finish and how healthy it makes my skin look. The concealer is also a gooden, it lacks in coverage a little but it’s formula is great. I have also tried the Wake Me Up mascara which was launched this year, and that was probably the only Rimmel product I’ve been disappointed with in recent times, so much so that I ended up throwing it out.

Last but not least, I have to mention the Good to Glow liquid highlight in Soho Glow. This was definitely a ‘Blogger made me buy it’ kind of purchase, thanks to Ana from Ravishing Roses. I’ve always been a bit cautious of drugstore highlights but this really is a great one. It’s perfect for adding that extra bit of glow without being too over the top.

One area of this brand I haven’t really explored is their eye products, in the past I did use some of their mascaras but in recent times they haven’t really appealed to me. I would really like to try the Stay Matte powder and some of their other foundations once my spending ban is over!

What are your favourite products from Rimmel?

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26 thoughts on “Brand Focus | Rimmel

  1. I quite like the stay matte powder, but I don’t think it’s the best out there. But I know a LOT of people love it, so I’ll be interested if you try it and like it!
    Isabelle x


  2. Ana has got me wishing for the Good To Glow as well! Hahaha ohh the blogger effect ❤ Such a great post! I really want to try the Wake Me Up line. I use the Transparent Exaggerate Lipliner almost daily, it's fantastic! Try out their Exxagerate eyeliners! So awesome.

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      1. It’s about a medium coverage. I like that it doesn’t crease and lasts pretty well all day long. The only thing that’s a bit off putting is that it has a brush dispenser – so pointless!


  3. My earliest rimmel products were probably lipstick and a black eye shadow wayyyyy back when I was a uni student. I’ve tried various products of theirs over the years, and yeah they are a real hit and miss brand. I used mono- shadow ‘dusk’ as an eyebrow filler for years. My long term fave product from them is their liquid eyeliner, the ‘glam eyes’ one. It’s the best liquid eyeliner on the high Street.


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