The One Month Spending Ban Begins!

one month ban

With Christmas coming I’ve decided it’s about time I put myself on a spending ban. I’ve seen many of my fellow bloggers do it and it can be a really positive experience. I’m not sure how I will feel about this once I’m a few weeks in, but what the heck I’m going for it.

Having a blog has been such a positive experience for me but it has taken it’s toll on my bank account. Taking part in Twitter chats and reading other posts always ends up with me having a beauty wish list as long as my arm. So with that said I am going to be on a spending ban from payday (27/10/15) until my next pay day in November.

I am hoping that by doing this, it may help me rein in my spending in the long run as well as helping me discover some beauty gems that I already have within my make-up stash. So hopefully over the next 4 weeks rather than ‘Haul’ posts you’ll be seeing posts about me ‘shopping my stash’.

If any of you have been on a spending ban/no-buy before and have any tips I would really appreciate it. I’m so determined to last the entire duration!

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28 thoughts on “The One Month Spending Ban Begins!

  1. Ooh you’re brave Lucie! Not sure I could hang on for that long! I’ve tried going on a ban a few times before but I seem to find the best deals when I’m not meant to be spending any cash 😦 my best tip is to stay out of the shops… And off Instagram! I always want to buy half the things in my Instagram feed!
    Good luck! xx


      1. You’re welcome! Best of luck. I wish I had the willpower to do this; extra cash to buy presents for Christmas would be super helpful! xx


  2. You brave, brave woman! I honestly don’t have the will power for this, so much respect for you! I think I get too excited, especially around the Christmas time, because I love buying Xmas themed things (hello Lush), and love buying presents for everyone!
    Good luck xox


    1. Thank you! Well in the last month I’ve had 2 huge lush hauls to prepare myself πŸ™Š so I think I’ve got enough LUSH goodies to last me through the van! I’m still going to be buying Xmas presents just not Buying anything for me! Eeek. Xxx

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  3. What helped me the most during my first no buy was to make note of everything I saw that I would’ve bought had I not been on the no buy. After looking at the list over and over again, I started having second thoughts over a lot of things and ended up removing things from the list! The way I see it, if I wrote it down instead of buying it right then and there, I’d end up rationalizing what I did and didn’t need and by the end of the process, I had a much shorter list of things I genuinely wanted/needed!!


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