LUSH Nightwing Shower Jelly | The Review


Another LUSH Review, I know! But the timing for this post is just perfect of course with it being Halloween this week. I have being trying to get my hands on this little bat for a few weeks so I was very excited to try it. I have seen the shower jellies in store before and always thought they were a bit unusual. I was drawn in by the cute shape of this one and also the zesty scent, at just Β£3.95 I couldn’t say no.

LUSH says to use Nightwing, lather all over then rinse off for cleanses as sweet as fruit pastilles. The concept is quite unusual and it does take a bit of getting used to as it’s quite slippery stuff. It wasn’t the easiest product to use but the novelty of it all was right up my street. The scent is exactly like the green fruit pastilles and wine gums, it is so refreshing! It was great as the scent remained on my skin even after I got out of the shower.

As I already mentioned this shower jelly is super slippery, I was a tad disappointed as the second time I used the jelly it slipped out of my hands & one of the wings fell off! Obviously this isn’t a huge deal but I was hoping the bat would remain intact for a little longer than that. The jelly texture is very different but it does leave your skin feeling very clean and fresh. It is very long lasting so I think this product is quite good value for money, if you compare it with the price of the shower gels/creams.

The Halloween range that LUSH has created is really great, it’s such a novelty to have some themed products to use in the run up to Halloween. I would definitely repurchase Nightwing, purely because I can’t get enough of the lime scent and I love the cute little bat shape. Although I don’t think I will be trying any other shower jellies as for me personally, being as clumsy as I am it’s notΒ the easiest product to use.

What are your favourite products from the LUSH Halloween range?

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9 thoughts on “LUSH Nightwing Shower Jelly | The Review

  1. I got a whole bunch of Halloween stuff for my birthday from LUSH and this shower jelly is one of my favourites.

    Usually with shower jellies I tear little chunks off and lather them up in my hands, but with this beautiful bat shape I want it to stay that way forever! Which is problematic because, as you said, they are slippery little things!

    Lord of Misrule is still my all time favourite ^_^


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