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Maybelline is one of the core longstanding drugstore brands which are constantly churning out fantastic budget friendly beauty products. When I first started watching YouTube videos I barely owned any Maybelline products, but my collection quickly began to grow. Their eye products in particular are raved about and highly rated within the blogging community. So I wanted to run through the products I have been enjoying and also mention the things I am looking to try in future.

First up, I have to start with the Color Tattoos – quite possibly the best drugstore cream eye products. Prior to trying these, I hated cream products, it just reminded me of smearing on cream eye-shadow when I was little and having big lines where the product had creased! But the Color Tattoos definitely changed my mind, and now I own 4 different shades. My two favourites are shown in the photo below, Pink Gold and On & On Bronze. The Color Tattoos look gorgeous on their own, but they also make a great eye base – I’ve found they are great at preventing my eyeshadows from creasing. I also like to use the shade Permenant Taupe to fill in my brows, which works surprisingly well.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – I decided to try this concealer purely because I had watched way too many Kathleen Lights videos, and she always raves about this concealer. The formula of this concealer is perfect, it gives a medium coverage and is super creamy. It’s probably the easiest to wear concealer I own from the drugstore. My only slight gripe with this product is the shade range, but I can just about cope because it’s such a nice product.

Back to eye products, I’ve tried two mascaras from Maybelline both of which I love for very different reasons. The Rocket Volum mascara is a great mascara for creating length, it’s waterproof formula is long-lasting and doesn’t clump at all. My only issue is although it gives me length and definition, it doesn’t give me the volume & thickness that I need. So I tend to pair it was Lash Sensational which I forgot to include in the photo (oopsy!). Lash Sensational gives me much more volume and curl, so it makes up for what The Rocket is lacking. Both of these products have convinced me that you don’t need to go high end for quality mascara.

Finally I have to mention the Color Drama Lip Pencils – these are said to be a good budget dupe for the NARS lip pencils, although I haven’t tried the NARS version for myself. At less than £5.00 a pop these lip pencils are great value for money. I have the shades Fab Orange and Berry Much.

Once my spending ban is over I think I may have a little Boots haul.. I’m thinking about trying one of the Maybelline eye shadow palettes as well as their contour palette.

What are your favourite Maybelline products?

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21 thoughts on “Brand Focus | Maybelline

  1. Favourite Maybelline products are most definitely the Color Tattoos! On and On Bronze is such a versatile shade! I can’t say I’ve tried their mascaras before but like you say I’ve heard good things.

    Their gel eyeliner is brilliant also! It has ridiculous staying power! xx


      1. I want to expand mine too! I’m going to be asking for some more for Christmas but like you I’ve got Pink Gold which I ADORE. Another that I quite like is the Vintage Plum (really good as a base for smoky eyes) and Creamy Beige if you’re going nude. I’d love to try the Immortal Charcoal! x


      2. Vintage plum sounds amazing I will have to check that one out. Creamy Beige is lovely I have that one already. I’ve heard they’ve brought out a few more nude shades too but not sure on the names xxx

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      3. Oh I’ll have to keep an eye out! I’d love to get the turquoise one but blues and greens just don’t suit me which sucks. I’d love it if they had a deep red or something coppery – I’d be all over that! x


  2. Oh I need to try that concealer since I’m running low on the ones I’m using at the moment. One thing from Maybelline I would love to try is their The Buffs lipstick range as the colours are stunning but sadly it’s not available in the UK. Xo


  3. Have you tried the latest Colour tattoo shade Creme De Nude? It’s a great neutralising eye base kind of shade, a bit like MAC Painterly Paint Pot I believe! I picked it up the other week and I’m really impressed with it! If you haven’t already, definitely give it a go! xxx


  4. Nice write up. I love Maybelline specially their mascaras. It would be great if we can support each other. Help me grow! Please follow 😀


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