LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask | The Review


Over the last few months I’ve tried a few of the LUSH fresh face masks, but I’m yet to find the one that totally suits my skin. I had heard lots of great things about the Cup O’ Coffee face & body mask, then when Just Jodes (one of my favourite YouTubers) was raving about it, I knew I had to give it a go.

As Cup O’ Coffee isn’t one of the fresh face masks it doesn’t have to be refrigerated and has a much longer shelf life, which is a real positive as I found it a struggle to use my fresh face masks before their expiry date. It also comes in a slightly larger pot which is 150g and costs just £6.75, I always love getting more for my money! I’ve been using this face mask for around 3 weeks now and I’ve still got over 3/4 of the tub left which is great.

Cup O’ Coffee is an exfoliating mask, which contains stimulating caffeine and exfoliating coffee grounds. Both of which give the mask it’s rich coffee based scent. Unlike some of the other face masks (I’m looking at you, Oatifix!), Cup O’ Coffee is quite easy to apply and doesn’t make too much of a mess. As you can imagine the texture of this mask is quite gritty, but it feels so satisfying to massage into the skin as it leaves the skin feeling fresh and revitalised.


I must say I was very impressed with this mask as it has worked well with my skin. After using it my skin feels fresh, and much smooth than usual. I like to use this mask twice a week to keep my skin on top form. I have found it is easier to use this whilst in the bath as it can be difficult to wash it off properly over the sink.

My only slight peeve with this product would be the scent. I had seen reviews online, where pretty much everyone commented on how nice the coffee scent was. I will admit once on the skin it does smell much more like coffee but in the pot it has a strong liquorice element that I don’t really like! But I will put up with that as I love the results this mask gives. If you are looking for a new face mask to try I would highly recommend this one, it’s great value for money and it is super refreshing for your skin.

What is your favourite LUSH face mask?

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15 thoughts on “LUSH Cup O’ Coffee Face & Body Mask | The Review

  1. The only reason I have never picked up this face mask is because I hate coffee – can’t stand the smell but everyone raves about how good it is! I’m torn! My favourite lush face mask is Mask of Magnaminty but a new fav is Cranberry (limited to Christmas) xx


      1. I’m planning on writing a review soon but want to try it out some more. My skin type is normal but I think the Cranberry face mask is more for moisturizing and softening your skin in the colder months so I think it would suit any skin type to be honest ? x


  2. Will definitely try this one!! At the moment I’m using the bright blue ‘Dont look at me’ and ‘brazened honey’ (my all time fave!). Catastrophe cosmetic is also pretty awesome. As you mentioned my only peeve is trying to use them all by the expiry date 😭

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      1. Its amazing! Its quite a think texture but definitely not as hard to apply as oatfix! It contains ginger extract, honey and eggs just to name a few! It honestly left my skin with the most amazing glow and the grains inside really help to exfoliate and get dirt out from the pores! (Plus it doesnt smell too bad haha)! Xxx


  3. Love lettuce is my all time favourite face mask I love it! I’ve tried all sorts of masks from the cheap Montagne Jeunesse masks to the more expensive GlamGlow masks and I just love Love Lettuce! I’ve got combination skin and it’s great plus it’s got exfoliants in which is a bonus! If you haven’t already I would highly recommend!


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