Product Rediscovery | Benefit’s Dandelion


One of the good things which has come from putting myself on a month long spending ban (apart from saving money!) has been rediscovering products I had forgotten about. Today’s post is all about one of my rediscoveries, and it’s a product that really had sunk to the bottom of my makeup stash.

Benefit’s box blushes are cult beauty favourites. Dandelion was the first Benefit product I tried back when I originally got into makeup, I remember my Dad getting it for me as a treat on a shopping trip to Exeter when I was around 15. I had since repurchased this and managed to completely forget about it – I actually found this blush in a box buried deep under my bed (so I apologise for it’s battered state)!


Dandelion is a lovely blush as it’s such an easy shade to wear, especially for someone with a pale complexion like myself. I would describe it as a soft dusty pink. It looks quite natural on the cheeks and the formula sits really well on the skin. I have been wearing this blush almost every day for the past few weeks as it’s so natural I can get away with wearing it for work, and it’s easy to apply when you are in a hurry too. I don’t think I would have rediscovered this product if it wasn’t on my spending ban – so I think I’ve learnt an important lesson here.

Have you tried any of the Benefit box blushes? What products have you rediscovered recently?

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25 thoughts on “Product Rediscovery | Benefit’s Dandelion

  1. Thank you for reviewing this! I’ve been on the fence about buying Dandelion for almost 2 years now, blushes are usually difficult for us pale girls. Next time I’m at Sephora I might have to bite the bullet and pick this one up. πŸ™‚


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