Budget Friendly Eye-shadow Palettes


The past 6 months I feel like the drugstore brands have really been upping their game when it comes to eye-shadow palettes. I do love treating myself to high end products but I think I am a drugstore girl at heart. For me there’s something so satisfying about discovering a bargain in the drugstore!

This month I have enjoyed using these two palettes which are both new additions to my collection and I have actually been quite surprised by the quality of the shadows considering the price.

MUA Undressed palette (£4.00) – I received this beauty in my November Glossybox (click here to see my full post) and I have to say I think this might be my favourite product from a beauty box to date! This palette contains 12 gorgeous shimmer shades, which have good pigmentation and are very easy to blend. The shades range from your standard neutrals to rose gold and copper shades, and even a few smokey shades too! I am not too keen on the two grey shades, the formula doesn’t seem to be as good as the rest of the palette. But the rest of the shadows are right up my street and I have been wearing them a lot, it reminds me a little of my ZOEVA Cocoa Blend palette.


Top – Bottom, Freedom Stunning Smokes & MUA Undressed

Freedom Make Up Pro 12 Stunning Smokes Palette (£4.00) – Freedom is a completely new brand to me, I won this palette in a giveaway and was very intrigued to try it.  The Stunning Smokes palette contains 12 shades, 5 of which are matte and the rest are shimmers/glitters. I love the fact this palette contains some matte shadows, as I always use matte shadows as a base for my eye shadow looks. There is quite a nice mixture of shades in the palette ranging from copper tones to taupes, with some lovely highlight shades too. These shadows do have a little bit of fall out and the matte shows aren’t as pigmented as the rest, but you can’t complain really for the price!

What are your favourite budget friendly palettes?

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17 thoughts on “Budget Friendly Eye-shadow Palettes

  1. Awesome post girl! Love that MUA palette. I really love the L’Oreal NUDE 1 Palette, it has every neutral shade you’d need and nice transitions as well. Very silky, very pigmented. I find myself reaching for it a lot over more expensive palettes 😁👌🏻


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