Things that make me happy Part 3 | Disney

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I’ve been really struggling for ideas for lifestyle posts recently, but whilst watching some Disney World vlogs I had a sudden realisation I hadn’t posted about Disney at all really on my blog yet!

I’m sure this is the same for most of you, but for me Disney really just symbolises my childhood and family memories in a nutshell. My brother and I were very lucky as my parents always took us to the cinema to watch the Disney films. They also took us on a few family holidays to Disney World in Florida, and Disneyland Paris – of which I have very fond memories.


My brother and me, in Disney World back in good old days!

In general Disney is one of those things that when I’m feeling sad or fed up, watching a Disney movie will always cheer me up. There’s nothing better than snuggling up to watch a Disney film in my onesie with a hot chocolate. I love the Disney classics but I’ve also learned to love some of the more recent films – such as Tangled, Walle & Maleficent. I would have to say my all time favourites are Hercules, Aristocats and Alice in Wonderland.


Mark & I, on our drip to DLP earlier this year.

Mark & I have actually been to Disneyland Paris twice since we have been together and both times we had the most magical time. Back in February we stayed in DLP for 4 nights, and it really just allowed us to forget about everything else and have so much fun. I love the grandeur of the parks, and how much attention to detail there is. Especially with Sleeping Beauty’s castle for example, and the Alice in Wonderland maze too.


I think there is just such a comforting quality about Disney, their films and just their general attitude too. I watch back a lot of the Disney films I watched as a child and now I notice all those deeper messages hidden beneath the music and humour.

I’m hoping that in a few years time when Mark & I plan to do some travelling in the US, we might get the chance to spend a week in Orlando as I’d love to go back & see how everything has changed.


Are you a Disney fan too? What’s your favourite Disney film?

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12 thoughts on “Things that make me happy Part 3 | Disney

  1. I really loved your post! I’m a huge Disney fan and it never fails to put a big smile on my face! Been to Disneyland Paris twice when I was little and would love to visit Disney World one day!


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