London Haul Part 1 | LUSH Oxford Street


Last weekend Mark & I spent the weekend in London, and what would a trip to the big city be without a few hauls! Of course I had to go to LUSH Oxford Street. I’ve been there three times now & the sheer size of the store still amazes me, it’s my kinda heaven in there. I wanted to stock up on bath goodies to keep me going until Christmas as well as picking up some skincare bits.

Celestial Moisturiser – I’ve just finished up my first tub or Celestial so I had to repurchase, it makes my skin feel amazing. The scent reminds me of Milky bars, and this formula is really great for sensitive skin.


Cranberry Fresh Face Mask – This is the LUSH festive face mask for 2015, I’ve been dying to try this for the last few months but have struggled getting my hands on it. I love the texture of this mask already, I’m looking forward to testing it out more so I can write a full review.

BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask (sample) – I was talking to the LUSH staff about the fresh face masks and mentioned how I’d not heard much about this, so they kindly gave me this cute little sample to try.


So White Bath Bomb – So White has a lovely apple scent and although it looks very plain, I’ve heard it turns the bath a lovely colour. The name and apple scent really reminded me of Disney’s Snow White, so I had to try this one out.

Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon – Early this year LUSH gave the bubbleroon’s a bit of a makeover, and I hadn’t tried any of the ‘NEW’ versions. I really like this scent, and the bubbleroons are always very good for leaving your skin feeling super soft.


Luxury LUSH Pud Bath Bomb – One of LUSH’s classic christmas bath bombs, which I have never tried! I’m so excited to use this as the colours look amazing. It’s lavender scented so perfect for using after a long day at work.

The Comforter Bubble Bar – The Comforter is one of those products which I honestly can’t live without! It’s blackberry scent is incredible and I love the fact I can get four baths from one bubble bar.


Father Christmas Bath Bomb – Who could resist this cutie? I think I might save this for my Christmas eve bath. It has the traditional sweet LUSH scent that we all know & love.

Have you tried any of the festive LUSH products? What are your LUSH favourites?

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15 thoughts on “London Haul Part 1 | LUSH Oxford Street

  1. The cranberry fresh face mask looks like more Christmassy and the creamy texture is visibly see through as well and then, the luxury lush pud bath bomb looks fabulous as it has the added design element of Christmas tree pattern in the middle. Great!

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  2. I so want to use the father Christmas bath bomb I got! He’s so cute – discovered last week that my bath appears to have a crack in it which is really crap because I bought a lot of festive themed bath bombs and I can’t see me getting to use any before Christmas 😦 Lush Oxford street is more of an experience than a store – it’s incredible!


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