Worth the hype? | MAC Whirl


Since the release of the new MAC matte range in August, Whirl has been one of the most talked about lipsticks in the blogging community. It was inevitable eventually I would end up purchasing this, especially after seeing so many rave reviews and the fact I’m totally addicted to MAC lipsticks.

Whirl is like the darker, bolder big sister of Velvet Teddy. MAC describe this is a dirty rose, on my skin tone it pulls a lot more brown nude though. As with VT, I think Whirl would suit a wide range of skin tones. On a pale complexion like mine it is quite a bold shade but I still think it’s a very versatile colour. I think Whirl is a great shade for the colder months of the year, I’m not I will get as much from this shade when Spring/Summer comes around.


Whirl is a matte finish, it is one of the more drying MAC lipsticks I’ve tried but it isn’t overly uncomfortable on the lips. It does tug slightly on application but it just requires a bit more care when applying. I really love the matte finish as sometimes I like to have shine free lips, and also it’s really hassle free applying this then not having to worry about reapplying for a good 4 hours.


Top – bottom, Whirl Lipstick – Whirl Liner

The whirl lip liner was already part of my collection, and as you can see these two are a match made in heaven (as you’d expect). I often find it hard to get my liner to match up perfectly with my lipstick so that makes me love these two products even more.

In a nutshell I would say Whirl is one of those shades that any makeup lover or lipstick lover needs in their collection. It’s so different to any other lipstick I own and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely glad I gave into the hype with this one!

What products have made you give in to the hype?

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11 thoughts on “Worth the hype? | MAC Whirl

  1. Such a pretty color! Do you normally use lip liner? I have a hard time finding colors that match, so I often just do without. But the way you applied your lipstick looks so perfect, maybe I should rethink things!


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