A Little Taste of Charlotte Tilbury


It’s quite hard to describe my excitement to you whilst writing this post, but as you may have guessed I have finally got my hands on the gorgeous Charlotte Tilbury lipstick charms. I was lucky enough to get these little beauties from my boyfriend for Christmas and I couldn’t resist writing a post to show you them, in all their glory (this is going to be a very photo-heavy post just to pre-warn you!).

Unfortunately I think this little set is something that Charlotte Tilbury sells exclusively at Christmas time, so it may be difficult to acquire now. This set contains three mini lipstick charms from her K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, which are the shades So Marilyn, Penelope Pink & Bitch Perfect.


The lipstick charms are even tinier than I imagined but just look at how cute they are! The rose gold packaging with the embossed stars on the lid is just to die for in my opinion, and of course the little bows are adorable too. Despite their size, I think these charms look so luxurious. It’s made me want to invest in more Charlotte Tilbury products, even more than I did before.


L – R, Bitch Perfect, So Marilyn & Penelope Pink.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the shades in this set. But I have to admit, Bitch Perfect & Penelope Pink are awfully similar. Bitch Perfect is a lot more peachy toned than I expected, it reminds me a lot of MAC Blankety but with a warmer undertone. Penelope Pink again has a warm orange undertone to it, but this is a much more nude shade (despite it’s name). So Marilyn is definitely my favourite of the three shades, it’s a traditional deep red.


The best thing about these lipstick charms is the formula. Charlotte Tilbury has raved about the breakthrough ingredients that she has included in this lipstick range. I would compare the formula to MAC’s amplified finish, it is very creamy and feels almost nourishing on the lips. The lasting power of this formula does fair better than MACs amplified finish though, which is quite impressive for a creamy formula.

I really loved this set as it was a really nice way to try out some of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. I kind of wish they had done lipstick charms for the Matte Revolution formula too as I would have probably loved those even more. It’s definitely made me want to try one of the full sized lipsticks, I am just not sure which shade yet.

Let me know if you’ve tried any Charlotte Tilbury products, especially any of the lipsticks!

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32 thoughts on “A Little Taste of Charlotte Tilbury

  1. Funny you say Bitch Perfect and Penelope Pink are so similar – those were the 2 that I debated when I bought my full size. I ended up with Bitch Perfect primarily due to the awesome name! 😛
    This set is so great to get a little taste of CT and see how you like the formula and then taking the plunge with a full size! 😀


  2. Such lipstick goals right here… the packing is also sooo beautiful. Shame they are so dinky as they’re not exactly cheap, but they look lovely all the same! Feel free to check out my latest beauty review here: http://bit.ly/1TWZaS0 🙂 x


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