3 Minute Makeup Challenge

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel of the 3 minute makeup challenge. It’s more of a fun and light hearted video so I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed filming it.. it made me realise I’m much slower at applying my makeup than I originally thought as I found this really hard.

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16 thoughts on “3 Minute Makeup Challenge

  1. I really enjoyed watching this and left you a comment on the video. The music was made of The Win and I think you did a fantastic job with an understated look. Sometimes it’s nice to go natural. Yesterday I rocked my 0 minute makeup challenge. I may just roll with it again today. LOL


      1. I’ve done it all week, but that has to do with my work load. It’s been unreal this week and we were facing a blizzard so meh… I might do an unboxing live on Hang W/ of my Ipsy bag this weekend though, so that would of course mean a need for at least a five minute makeup look!


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