Just a little bit of LUSH haulin’


I know, I know… I have a serious addiction to LUSH. Whilst in Bristol last week I thought it would be rude not to replenish my stash as I was running low on bath bombs. I was yet to try any of the Valentines products either so as always I couldn’t resist. I feel as though the original LUSH bath products are often over looked, especially recently as we have had the excitement of the Oxford Street releases as well as the seasonal products. So I’ve decided to make a point of trying all of the original products I haven’t used before, or ones I haven’t used in a long time.


Before I get onto the bath bombs, I just thought I’d mention the little sample I got. LUSH are always so helpful when it comes to samples. I’ve been eyeing up the Salted Coconut Hand Scrub for a while now, but I wasn’t sure how much I would use it. LUSH kindly gave me a little pot to try and I have to tell you this scrub smells absolutely incredible. I’m sure this product will appear in a future LUSH haul too!

I have started to really warm to the LUSH bath oil, so I like to pick up a different one each time I do a haul. This time I chose the Floating Island Bath Oil, I decided to keep it in it’s packaging as these bath oils tend to melt very easily and I didn’t want to ruin it. I was drawn to this product because of it’s scent, made up of lemon and sandalwood.


Next up is the lovely Honey Bee Bath Ballastic. It has been so long since I have had one of these! It’s not the most exciting bath bomb to watch but the honey scent is so soothing. It makes for the perfect relaxing bath and I can’t wait to use this.


When it comes to bath bombs I’m not usually a fan of anything floral, so I have to admit I’ve never tried the Think Pink Bath Ballistic. This little ballistic only costs £2.65, so I couldn’t resist trying it out. The scent is quite an unusual mix of sweet and floral. I’ve heard this bomb looks really pretty in the water too, so I’m very intrigued.


I have heard so much about the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar! Who could resist those gorgeous colours? I’ve become a huge fan of the Bubble Bars as they are a bit more friendly on my purse, as you can get multiple baths from one bar. Also there’s just something so satisfying about a bubbly bath. Unicorn horn has a lavender scent, which is totally not what I expected. But I’m sure this will make for a few long relaxing baths.


This is the bath bomb I was most excited about trying, Lover Lamp. This along with Unicorn Horn is part of the Valentines Day range. It contains brazilian orange oil which gives it a very fresh zesty scent. The little red hearts within the bomb are actually made of cocoa butter, so I bet this will be great for people like me with dry skin.


Another of LUSH’s original products that I am yet to try is the Blackberry Bath Ballistic. It’s plain and simple aesthetic has never really caught my eye, but I thought it was about time I gave this one a go. The scent is quite different to any of the other products in this haul, as it’s not too over powering or overly sweet.


Last but by no means least is Avobath Bath Ballastic. This was one of the first LUSH products I tried, I would say probably at least 3 years ago. It is a very fast fizzer and leaves your bath looking like the hulk may have just taken a dip. It’s scent is very zesty and the avocado in this ballistic is very nourishing on your skin. It’s probably my favourite bomb from LUSHs original collection.

Have you tried any products from the Valentines range at LUSH? What is your favourite LUSH bath bomb?

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16 thoughts on “Just a little bit of LUSH haulin’

  1. The honey bee bath ballistic smells sooo divine! I recently picked up a few of the Easter bath bomb products so feel free to check out my blog for a gander of those… LUSH is such a danger zone I can never leave just buying one thing! Check out my latest beauty review here if you fancy: http://bit.ly/1TWZaS0 🙂 x


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