Battle of the Highend Concealers


In the past I have struggled to find concealers that work well with my dry skin, and now I feel like I’ve stumbled across three wonderful ones. I have to admit I think the high end brands definitely own it when it comes to concealer, especially when it comes to coverage and longevity. I’m going to give you the run down on my three favourite high end concealers, in the hope it may help you work out which one would be best for you too.

Urban Decay NAKED Skin concealer (£17.50) – This concealer is a winner when it comes to consistency, it is the most creamy and nourishing concealer I have tried. When my skin is feeling very dry and sensitive, this is the only concealer I can use. It sits comfortably on blemishes without drawing more attention to them. Of the three concealers, UD is slightly less coverage than the other two. The only issue I have with this concealer is the shade range – I wear the shade light neutral, but I found it difficult to match myself.


L – R, Urban Decay, NARS, MAC.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer (£22.00) – My first impressions of this product weren’t the best, but I have learnt to love it. The name does grind on me though as I don’t find it to radiant or creamy. The main factor that does it for me with this concealer is the coverage, it really is a heavy duty concealer. I suffer with redness on a daily basis and the NARS concealer always provides me with the perfect level of coverage. It can be a little drying/cakey, but I find that blending it out with a damp beauty blender helps to minimise this. I wear this in the shade Vanilla, which is a lovely neutral pale shade.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (£17.50) – This concealer is a new addition, but it has become an instant favourite! MAC never let me down with their shade range, I have the shade NC15 and it works so well with my winter skin. Similar to NARS, this is a very heavy duty concealer and a little goes a long way. I would choose this concealer hands down over NARS, as it does just as good a job but for a better price. My only slight bugbear with the MAC concealer is the packaging.


I have found it so tough to decide on my concealer champion! Admittedly if Urban Decay had a better shade range I would have probably chosen their NAKED concealer, but because of that I would have to say MAC Pro Longwear concealer is my champion. The MAC concealer is a real all rounder, and at £17.50 it’s quite affordable compared to some other high end brands.

What is your favourite high end concealer?

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34 thoughts on “Battle of the Highend Concealers

  1. Oooh might have to check out that MAC one.. I currently use the Nars one but it’s coming to an end. It definitely can be a bit cakey and gathers in places, but it does give me high coverage for a long time, does the MAC one last most of the day? Say under your eyes?


  2. I also swear by my Pro Longwear! The coverage is just amazing, but I hate the packaging too; way too much comes out the pump! 😦 I haven’t tried the NARS but I think I’ll pass on it now as my skin is incredibly dry. Great comparison, very useful! xx

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      1. That’s actually something I haven’t thought of but it makes perfect sense! Who wants to be spreading blemishes after all. And no worries my lovely, I feel as though I haven’t spoken to you for ages! xx


  3. What a tuff competition between the products right in here! And, I think all works pretty good and it is definitely hard to pick one among the rest and moreover, each has its unique way to conceal and make even toned skin and so, it is better to thumps up for all three of them.


  4. I have all 3 of these and I love them all for different reasons. MAC is probably my favourite too but so much product is wasted with that pump nozzle. x


  5. What a great overview!
    I just picked up the UD Naked in Light Neutral – I hope I like it.
    I’ve had the MAC one and while it’s a great match and good coverage, I just hated the bottle and it smells funny (to me anyway).
    I plan on getting the Nars one next!


    1. Yeah I totally agree! What drugstore concealers are your favourite for dry skin? It’s hard as most people within the community have normal/oily skin so base products are more tailored towards that I think.
      Lucie xo


  6. I really want to try the NARS one! Collection 200 concealer is my favourite but it’s a tad too dark. But the MAC one looks good too. Lovely post!


  7. I have tried both MAC and NARS and have I think I prefer NARS. (funnily enough I also wear the same shade as you in both!) The MAC packaging got right on my nerves as one pump was too much so i had to try and do a half pump but it spilled over and got all messy. Also, i dropped it a few times and nearly had a heart attack thinking it would smash. NARS is really good but I don’t know why, but you don’t get very much on the applicator when you dip it in?! That’s something that really annoys me! xxx

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    1. I can totally understand where you are coming from with the MAC pump, it isn’t very easy to use. I just don’t think I can justify the difference in price between the two especially as you get more product with the MAC concealer xx

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  8. I always wear MAC Pro-Longwear, and an amazing alternative to the NARS concealer is Collection Lasting Perfection! It’s sooo good for a drugstore concealer, but less coverage than MAC. I use MAC when I have a face of foundation and Collection when I want to look more natural. Great post x

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  9. Agh I’ve been wanting to try all 3 of these concealers. I do wish they had more shades, but luckily, their medium warm is my perfect match. I’ve been trying to decide between the UD concealer and the Sephora serum concealer for my next concealer purchase


  10. I really liked the UD Naked but I need a LOT of coverage so it was way too light for me. I am sooo pale I did not have a problem with matching my skin (LOL) but I might check out the MAC one. I really liked the other concealer I had from them so might as well.
    Thanks for the detailed review as always!


  11. I don’t know if it classifies as a high end brand but the Bare Minerals bare skin concealer is amazing. It is quite similar to the Urban Decay concealer but much cheaper! Love this post xx


  12. Fantastic roundup. =) I will echo others: I’ve been really enjoying bareMineral’s bareskin concealer. I only just got it for my birthday, and have only used it a few times, but it has been perfectly creaseless and long lasting on me! Also, do try Sephora’s bright gel concealer sometime if you fancy, it’s supposed to be a dupe for the NARS concealer… maybe it will perform better? (Although neither of these are really high end, haha)


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