Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Skincare | The Review


I was recently contacted by Ashleigh from Healthy Foods Online, as they have decided to branch out into beauty products and she asked if I wanted to try any products from their site. I was so excited to receive this email as the website has such a wide range of products, all natural beauty products including skincare, tanning products and more. I was definitely spoilt for choice, but in the end I decided on this Manuka Honey duo from Wild Ferns.

It’s a well known fact that Manuka Honey is full of natural goodness, it has antibacterial properties as well as being rich in antioxidants. So not only is it great to have in your diet, it’s also wonderful for skincare too. The antioxidants in the honey help to neutralise free radicals and helps to assist in the health/enhancement of skin. I choose the facial moisturiser and night revival creme from this range as I was intrigued to see how it would affect my skin.

Manuka Hone SPF15 Facial Moisturiser* – Of the two products this one is definitely my favourite. It comes in a plastic tube which contains 75mls of product, which is very generous considering it costs less than £10. I have enjoyed using this in my morning skincare routine as it has an almost mousse like texture which is light and refreshing. This cream gives my skin the moisture it needs without leaving me feeling oily, and makeup applies very well on top of this. The fact that this product is natural, paraben free and not tested on animals as well is fantastic – so definitely a brand worth checking out if you are looking for cruelty free skincare.

Manuka Honey Ultra Rich Night Revival Creme* – As you can imagine, this night cream is very rich and has a much more thick texture than the facial moisturiser. It has the same light honey scent which is very pleasant. I have found that this cream is really nourishing, but I feel as though it’s slightly too thick for me. The only other small complaint I have with this is that I’m not very keen on the plastic packaging. But I have to say, when I wake up the following day my skin is bright and replenished. At less than £10 for 100ml this night cream is very budget friendly.

I don’t usually venture out of my comfort zone when it comes to skincare, but I have enjoyed using these more natural products and my skin has reaped the benefits too. I would definitely recommend checking out the Beauty section on the Healthy Foods Online website (click here to visit their site), as they have such a wide range of natural and affordable beauty products.

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14 thoughts on “Wild Ferns Manuka Honey Skincare | The Review

  1. I’ve recently started the transition into being cruelty free so thank you so much because I’ve discovered another great beauty brand now haha 🙂

    Eve | helloimeve.blogspot.co.uk


  2. Recently I’ve read a lot of things saying that manuka honey is great for reducing redness, which is something that I definitely suffer with, so with all of these amazing things that you’ve mentioned too, I think I might have to purchase some manuka honey based products! Especially as moisturisers really are either not moisturising enough or greasy and leave my skin oily, like you mentioned, but these particular products seem promising to me!
    Corinne xx


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