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In recent months I’ve discovered some new YouTubers whose channels I have been really loving. I’ve got into a proper routine of keeping up with my subscriptions, so I thought I would talk about the channels that I watch regularly.

Brogan Tate – I’m sure many of you will already know of Brogan, she is well known for her weekly vlogs. I religiously watch Brogan’s weekly vlogs which she uploads every Monday. The reason I enjoy them so much is because they are very realistic, and Brogan is very honest with her viewers – she doesn’t just vlog when she is attending an exciting event she really covers her full everyday life. My favourite video of hers would either be her Disneyland Paris vlogs or 1 year of weekly Vlogging video.

Fashion Mumblr – Josie is a totally gorgeous fashion and beauty YouTuber. Her channel is very mixed, from ASOS try on hauls to new in beauty videos. I always enjoy watching her New in Beauty videos and also PO BOX unboxing videos. But on top of this, Josie does vlog when she goes travelling. She vlogged her recent trip to South Africa and these were definitely my favourite videos she has uploaded – especially her vlog where she visited table mountain.

Beauty By The Bunny – Angela aka Bunny is a blogger I have known for a long while now, and I have always been a big fan of her YouTube channel. Her videos are very honest, which is something I really value and it has meant I have learned to really trust her opinions on products. If you are ever feeling spendy and need some inspiration on products to try/buy – watch some of her hauls, they will leave you with a wishlist as long as your arm. Her most recent haul was incredible so be sure to check it out – here.

Rebecka Borr – Rebecka’s channel is one I only discovered very recently (in March I think). Her channel consists of a variety of beauty videos – so of course that is a massive hit in my opinion. I love the makeup tutorials that she creates, as she always uses quite a varied range of products and the looks she creates are totally stunning. Her recent rose gold makeup tutorial was a particular favourite of mine so be sure to check that one out.

Pores for thought – Joanna is another lovely lady I came across through WordPress, she has a stunning beauty and lifestyle blog and she has recently started a YouTube channel. Jo is currently living in Paris for work, so she has been weekly vlogging her time in Paris – what could be better?! Paris is one of my favourite European cities and it’s lovely to see more of the ‘off the beaten track’ experiences in Paris in vlogs, rather than just your usual tourist attractions.

Who are your favourite YouTubers? I’m always looking to discover more, and keep my subscription box very full!

Have you seen my latest YouTube video? If you have a sweet tooth like me, you are going to love it.

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