My top tips for visiting Barcelona!

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After having such a lovely, positive response to my vlogs and photo diaries from my trip to Barcelona, I thought I would share with you my top tips for visiting this gorgeous city!

  1. Book tickets to main attractions prior to your trip – We booked our Sagrada Familia tickets before we arrived and this made such a big difference – we skipped queues and it generally just made our lives easier. Unfortunately we didn’t get into Park Guell as the tickets were sold out (lesson definitely learnt!), and we also wished we had booked tickets for Casa Battlo.
  2. Be prepared to do plenty of walking – Of course Barcelona has great transport links, but I found the main sights in Barcelona to be quite spread out. Mark & I both enjoying walking, so rather than spending too much time on the Metro we tried to walk as much as possible. Not only does this save you money, it allows you to really take in your surroundings and see much more of the city too.
  3. Take a trip to Park Ciutadella – This park is located near Barceloneta (beach area) and is absolutely stunning, check out part 2 of my photo diary for lots of lovely photos. It was such a gorgeous area filled with locals and tourists, with a very relaxed atmosphere.
  4. Explore the sights, smells and tastes of Market Boqueria – Barcelona’s largest market is a must see when visiting the city. I enjoyed trying the fresh fruit juices, taking in the vast food stalls and of course trying some tasty treats too. We visited this market twice during our stay as we enjoyed it so much, so it features in both of my vlogs.
  5. Take in the Catalonian culture with Tapas & Sangria – Because it would be rude not to right? The spanish cuisine is even more delicious than I had imagined, and also I have truly fallen in love with Cava sangria so you must try it!
  6. Pay the extra £s to go up the towers of the Sagrada Familia – This was one of my favourite experiences of the entire trip, and I think it is something I will remember for years to come. It was beautiful to see a different part of the Cathedral as well as having stunning views of the city, it was definitely worth the additional cost.
  7. Take some time out to visit Montjuic – This area is slightly out of the cities centre, but it still very close by and has lots of beautiful sights and attractions. Here we visited the Castle, went on the cable car and had some gorgeous walks (which you can see in part 1 of my vlog). It was a slightly off the beaten track area and I loved exploring this area.
  8. Always be weary of your surroundings but don’t let it spoil your fun – Barcelona is known for being a city where pick-pockets are at large, but you shouldn’t let this ruin your trip. It is important to just remain aware, and don’t do anything to make yourself or your belongings vulnerable. On the whole throughout our trip we felt very safe and didn’t have any unpleasant experiences of this sort.
  9. Take advantage of the T10 metro ticket – Mark & I shared a T10 ticket between us, which we used for travelling to the more remote attractions – such as Park Guell and also for travelling to Barceloneta. Although we enjoyed walking sometimes we just needed to save time, and the T10 ticket was very affordable too at around €10 for 10 journeys on the Metro.
  10. Make use of the Aerobus – Aerobus is a bus service which runs from Barcelona airport to the city centre, the buses run every 10 minutes and stop at some of the main areas of Barcelona (Place Espanyol, Catalunya etc). We found the stop very easy to find, the ticket price was very affordable and the buses were very regular – so I would highly recommend this rather than getting a taxi.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my travel related posts, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to do more posts like this in the future.

Did you catch my Barcelona vlogs/photo diaries? Barcelona Part 1 & Barcelona Part 2.



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