My FitBit & Rediscovering my love for running!


Back at the beginning of April I decided to treat myself to a FitBit, in the hope that it might encourage me to start being more healthy and exercising more often. If you’ve been a follower of mine for a while, you may remember last Spring I did my first ever 10km running event. But after completing it I kind of just lost my enthusiasm for running, and I haven’t exercised much since.

So in a bid to get myself looking a bit more trim for Glastonbury I decided to give the FitBit a go. I went for the FitBit Zip (RRP £50) – which is a small device that you can attach to your waist band, or bra strap in my case. This is the more simple model of those available from FitBit, they do have some wrist band/watch style ones too. But as I work in the NHS we have to be bare below the elbow, so the FitBit Zip was the best option for me. It records your steps, distance walked and calories burned. FitBit also have an amazing app where you can add your friends, record your weight and log exercise too.

I did think that my initial enthusiasm might wear off, so I wanted to wait a go 6-8 weeks before writing this post. So now almost 8 weeks later I can say I’m SO glad that I got myself a FitBit. It’s really motivated me to walk more during the day – I’ve been getting up extra early and walking my dog before work.

Whilst I am at work I walk as much as I can, I always take the stairs & often go for a walk on my lunch break. Through the app I also have a group with my work colleagues where we have a weekly step challenge – which is super motivated.

On top of this, my FitBit has also helped me rediscover my love for running. I joined my local running group, and the ParkRun has also recently started in my town so I think both of those factors have played a part too. But I am just so relieved that I have got my motivation back, as running just gives me such a stress release and helps me keep on top of my weight too.

So to summarise, I would highly recommend purchasing a FitBit as they are a fantastic way of motivating yourself to be more active and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are a novice runner like myself I would also recommend going to your local ParkRun – it has made a huge difference to my confidence with running and I’ve also met so many other lovely runners too.

Let me know if you have a FitBit, maybe we can be FitBit friends hah! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this style of post, & if you’d like more lifestyle/heath & fitness posts let me know in the comments below.

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15 thoughts on “My FitBit & Rediscovering my love for running!

  1. I know this wasn’t really the point of the post but that diary is so cute! Do you mind me asking where it’s from? This is also a great post by the way, and making me even more guilty for not doing exercise in so long! I might have to buy myself a fitbit for the summer though, it sounds like a good idea x


  2. So good that Fitbit got you into running again, I didn’t know they did this version I’d £50 for that it looks good and like you say its easier on the bra strap! Now I’ve left uni I want to get into a routine and I think I need one of these to motivate me. We can be Fitbit friends haha xxx


  3. I wasn’t aware they did a version that clips onto your belt, I’ve been rather taken with the idea of a FitBit to motivate me to get fitter but I’m not keen on the watch style

    Emily x |


  4. I love how motivating fitness trackers can be and walking and moving overall more does help me with my overall health and wellbeing. These kind of posts would be great!! 🙂



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