Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Swatches & First Impressions


As you can see from the title of this post, I have recently had the pleasure of this beauty joining my makeup collection. I was lucky enough to win the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in a blogger giveaway and I’m so pleased to finally have my hands on it. This palette has received high praise due to it’s buttery texture, chocolate scent and blendable shades. The Chocolate Bar palette retails for £39, just £1 more expensive than the Urban Decay palettes – so I am intrigued to see how it compares.

Lets start with packaging – the Chocolate Bar palette is of course shaped like a chocolate bar. The packaging is sturdy and hardwearing. Inside the palette there is a large mirror which is useful for applying your makeup on the go.
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This palette contains 16 rich cocoa powder infused matte and shimmer eyeshadows. A mixture of natural browns, with hints of colour with pinks and plums. On opening the palette I was instantly in love with the cocoa scent. The chocaholic in me was won over in an instant. On first impressions, I love the fact that this palette contains more shades than most regular palettes. I also like that the lighter shades have larger pans, as these are the shades that I will use most on a daily basis.
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Bottom row, Left – Right.

Hazelnut – This is a warm medium brown shimmer, the texture of this shade is very rich and as you can see the pigmentation is very impressive.

Creme Brûlée – A beautiful antiqued gold shade, with a very fine shimmer that sits perfectly on the skin.

Haute Chocolate – A more cool toned version of Hazelnut, this shade reminds me of MACs Satin Taupe but with a more buttery texture.

Cherry Cordial – This shade is more difficult to describe, it’s an almost cranberry-brown hybrid matte with occasional flecks of glitter.

Champagne Truffle – One of my favourite shades in the palette, this shade is the perfect inner corner highlight.

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Middle Row, Left – Right

Salted Caramel – The name is a great description of this shade, it’s a warm orange toned brown matte. The pigmentation is pretty good for a matte shadow and I’ve found this shade very easy to work with.

Marzipan – This is probably the most pigmented champagne toned shadow I have ever come across. It has a more peachy tone than champagne truffle, and looks stunning blended across the entire lid.

Semi-Sweet – A classic chocolate brown matte shadow with good pigmentation.

Strawberry Bon Bon – Probably the most out-there eyeshadow I own, this is a matte baby pink. Unfortunately the pigmentation of this shade doesn’t match the rest of the palette.

Candied Violet – Another unusual shade, this is a violet shimmer shade with iridescent blue shimmer. This shade looks very different in the pan to how to transfers in the swatch.

Amaretto – I would describe this shade as more of a frost finish, which is a deep bronze with a red undertone.

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Top row, Left – Right

Gilded Ganache – A deep olive toned brown with a fine shimmer (the swatch really doesn’t do this shade justice), this was the shade I was most excited to swatch as I love green/olive toned shadows.

White Chocolate – This shade doesn’t translate well as a swatch as it’s very close to my natural skin tone, but it makes a great base shadow shade.

Milk Chocolate – Another classic chocolate brown matte, I would compare this shade to Cover from NAKED Basics 2 but with even better pigmentation.

Black Forest Truffle – A frosted plum toned brown, with a much more obvious shimmer.

Triple Fudge – Despite it’s name, this shade doesn’t resemble fudge what so ever. It is a deep brown/black matte. I wasn’t very impressed with the pigmentation, but in all fairness I don’t often use black shades so it’s no loss.

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I am very impressed with my Chocolate Bar palette so far, as I feel that it’s more of an all rounder than some of the other palettes I own. It has a great selection of shades, ranging from base shadows, champagne tones & an inner corner highlight, on top of the mixture of brown mattes and gorgeous shimmer shades. I think that the shades in this palette are a mixture of tones, so it would work well for everyone.

As I’ve already mentioned, the pigmentation of these eye shadows is very high. I would say even better than that of my Urban Decay NAKED 2. Despite the buttery texture there isn’t too much fall out of product and the shadows are very easy to blend. I particularly love the shades Marzipan, Creme Brûlée, Champagne Truffle & Milk Chocolate.

I’m very excited to experiment more with this palette, and possibly even add more Too Faced palettes to my collection.

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23 thoughts on “Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette | Swatches & First Impressions

  1. Oh yes. I know it is one of the much hyped about eye shadow palette among blogging community for their marvellous pigmentation and amazing texture. Lovely post. Have an awesome week ahead Lucie.


  2. This palette looks amazing! The swatches seem to have good pigmentation and I love the shade names. Pity Candied Violet doesn’t swatch how it looks in the pan.


  3. This looks amazing! I can see this being great for all occasions. I’m especially loving the bottom row, I can’t get enough bronzey golden shades! Do I need yet another eye shadow palette!?

    corrie |


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