My First Graze Box!


After receiving my treat box recently from The Candy Cart Company (for full post, click here), I have really wanted to get back into trying some different food snacks – the more healthy sort of course! If you saw my recent post about my FitBit you will know that I’m trying to be more active, and lead a healthier lifestyle so I thought Graze would be perfect for me!

If you haven’t heard of Graze before, they are an online subscription box for healthy snacks. The boxes cost £3.99, and you can customise how often you receive the box which is really handy. Graze often have deals on, and they give out offer codes so you can more often than not get your first box free which is a great way to try it out.
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Graze allows you to enter your allergies, as well as foods that you don’t like. There is also an option to go through each of their snacks individually and give them a rating. The snacks in your box will be based on these ratings so it’s definitely worth doing. They have a wide range of healthy snacks to suit everyone! So now I’ve got that part out of the way I will go onto what I received in my first box.
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I had a great variety of snacks in my first Graze box so I was really pleased. I had my eyes set on the Graze flapjacks, so I was ecstatic to try the Lemon Drizzle flapjack. It came in 3 small pieces which was great, as it meant I could pick on it while I was at work and it was so tasty.

Another item I was very excited about was the Honeycomb and Almond Protein Yoghurt Topper. I am a big fan of natural yoghurt and greek yoghurt, so these protein yoghurt toppers are right up my street. I have eaten this already, and it was delicious.
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The other two items in my box were the Herby Bread Basket, which again will be the perfect snack for me to take to work. It’s also only 90 calories for the punnet, so it’s a fairly healthy snack. Last but not least is Coco Paradise – this contains belgian milk chocolate, coconut and cranberries. I feel like this is a good mix of something slightly naughty, and something a bit more beneficial.
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Graze included a leaflet with detailed information on each of the snacks which is helpful and informative. They also included information on how graze works, and some voucher codes. So I thought I would share my voucher code with you, incase any of you would like to try Graze. I would just like to point out this is not a sponsored post, and I have purchased my graze box myself.

Here is my voucher code, which will get you your FIRST, FIFTH and TENTH graze boxes for free – LUCIEB6YB

I am very impressed with my first box, and now I can’t wait for my next one to arrive. If you have any suggestions for healthy treats, or any other food subscription boxes please let me know.

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