Bright & Bold, Festival-ready Lip Duo.


I’m in the festival mood after the Radio 1 Big Weekend last weekend, and with Glastonbury fast approaching I thought I’d start rolling out my festival themed posts. Today’s post is the first of which, and is all about the bright lip combination I’m loving for the festival season.

I feel like at Festival’s you can get away with wearing outrageous clothes, head gear and makeup as it’s kind of the done thing at festivals! I will definitely be rocking my gold cat ears or floral headband along with the some bright garish clothes every day at Glastonbury (as seen in the photo below, taken from my Big Weekend OOTD post where I am wearing this lip combo). So I think it’s nice to have more bright makeup to pair with those things too and that’s how I stumbled across this lovely duo.


MAC Up The Amp is an amplified lipstick and I would describe the colour as a purple with a very Magenta undertone. It appears very bright on my skin tone as I am fair, but it looks much more wearable on people with tanned skin. I have been pairing this with the MAC Heroine lip liner which is slightly deeper in tone, and provides a really good base for the lipstick.


Up The Amp has a lovely creamy finish so it’s quite comfortable for wearing all day long. But as it isn’t the most long lasting formula, it’s good to pair it with a liner as that helps the colour stick around for longer. The two shades blend well together and I just love how much they pop on my skin tone.

I don’t always have the confidence to wear shades like this, but sometimes I just think you need the right occasion. I know it’s a very bold combination but I just think it works extremely well and I feel amazing wearing these colours (which doesn’t happen often). Another good alternative for those of you who prefer more of a matte finish would be the MAC Heroine lipstick or another favourite of mine, Limecrime Velvetine in Utopia – these would have much better lasting power (but I find them too drying for during the daytime).

What are your favourite bright lipstick shades?

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