Zoella Beauty Bath Latte Review


Zoella Beauty recently launched a new range with a completely new scent, and gorgeous 1920s style packaging. Overall I think the new range looks much more grown up, and the idea of an almond based scent is right up my street so I knew I had to get my mitts on something from the range. Currently the range is only available online from Feel Unique or Superdrug, but it will be released in store later this month.

Zoella Bath Latte is a bath/shower milk that is enriched with sweet, cacao and honey. It is meant to be an indulgent bath product which will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft, silky and smelling totally irresistible. The directions say to pour a small amount of the this creamy latte under warm running water or apply straight on to damp skin.

Of course I have to start off with the packaging – which I think is truly stunning. I love the milk bottle style packaging paired with the pastel blue and gold detailing. It looks much more grown up than the previous releases from Zoella Beauty. The bottle contains 400ml and retails for £6.00.

Now onto the scent, you can definitely tell that this is almond based as it is very sweet. I am normally a huge sweet scent fan but this is something a tad sickly about this. But thankfully once it’s in the water, the scent becomes a lot more soft and relaxing.

The Bath Latte is very thick and gloppy in texture, which can make it hard to pour into the water without making a mess. The results once in the water are again very good, it leaves the water looking milky and very bubbly. Only a small amount of the bath latte is required for a nice bubbly bath. The water felt very soft and moisturising against my skin, and I did find my skin was very soft once I got out of the water.

I do really like this product, and I can see myself getting through the product quite quickly. My only real gripe with the product would be it’s price – £6.00 for 400ml of product does seem a little steep. I would pay may £4-5 for this, but I won’t be purchasing it again at full price as there are many cheaper alternatives available.

But to summarise, I think Zoe has got the packaging spot on this time and I am a huge fan of the new Macaroon inspired scent.

Have you tried any products from Zoella Beauty? 

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