The Collective Dairy* Appreciation Post!



The Collective Dairy is a brand I have come across in the past, but I hadn’t really delved into their products properly. I decided to reach out to them & they kindly sent me some vouchers to try their Gourmet Yogurt range. The vouchers came in a gorgeous package, with a cute note and a few other Collective goodies. This post is not sponsored, I was sent the vouchers to review the products and give my honest opinion. 
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The Collective was originally created in New Zealand, by two guys with a passion to create extraordinary yogurt with unbeatable taste. The brand has quickly spread across the globe and is now readily available in most supermarkets here in the UK. Their UK dairy is actually based in Somerset (South West England – very close to me, what a coincidence) – using milk from West Country Farms, so big thumbs up from me already. The Collective yogurt is fresh, natural and vegetarian friendly and gelatine free, with no added nasties or artificial colours.

Not only do they produce high quality products in the South West, but they have a huge range of delicious flavours. With the vouchers I was sent I have been able to try a good variety; Cherry, Raspberry, Passionfruit & my favourite – Lemon. They have also recently launched the ‘Duples’ which are a lovely treat, or great for lunch boxes if you are after something a bit more fancy.
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All in all the brand have been super friendly, and always happy to answer any queries. They are always on Twitter happy to help find your closest store and I have loved that. If like me you are health conscious, but still like to enjoy a treat I would highly recommend trying the Collective Dairy Yogurts. I am very grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a brand which I love, and feel very lucky to have done this.

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