Lifestyle update/ A little catch up!


Hello Everyone,

I hope you’re well, and that you’re having a lovely weekend. After coming back from Glastonbury things have been totally hectic and I just felt like sitting down and writing a bit more of a personal post for a change. As you may already know, I’m off to University in September so there are lots of things that will be changing over the coming weeks so I wanted to talk about that.

I’ve officially handed in my notice at work, so I finish at the end of August. This means I’ll have a nice three week gap in between then and starting my course.Β I’m looking forward to finishing work, but I’m also incredibly scared at the same time. For someone who has been a student before, it’s quite daunting to go back to having a ‘student budget’. But I try to keep telling myself it’s only two years, and it’ll be worth it in the end.

From the 20th of September I’ll be heading to Swindon for 7 weeks of lectures, before coming home to start my placement in November. It’s hard to predict how things are going to go, but I know for sure that I’m going to have to take a bit of a backseat with this blog. I haven’t quite worked out how I’m going to do this yet, but I will probably reduce my schedule to two or three posts per week rather than four. I also think my content may change slightly, as I’d like to include more lifestyle and University related posts (if that’s something you’d like please let me know).

In the meantime, I’ve got some exciting things planned before I head off to Uni. Mark & I are off to London next week as it will be our three year anniversary. I’m sure I will squeeze in some London based posts, as well as a LUSH Oxford Street haul! We are also going to Reading Festival in August, so that will be my last treat before Uni and I’m really looking forward to it. We are hoping to possibly get away for a few nights the week before I start, and we are currently debating between a weekend in London or Brighton!

This is quite a scary time for me, as it feels like everything is having to change. I know it will be for the best eventually, but the lead up to University is the worst part! If any of you have studied a NHS/Medical course at Uni I’d love to hear how you coped, or if you have any tips or advice for me.

Check out my latest YouTube video – Glastonbury 2016 highlights:

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