Current Makeup Brush Favourites with Crown Brush


As a Beauty Blogger I’m always looking to expand my makeup brush collection, because of course a girl can never have too many right?! I feel like on my little part of the internet I spend a lot of time speaking about the makeup I love, but I don’t often praise my tools of the trade enough so that’s what today’s post is all about.

I recently discovered the brand Crown Brush and they have really shaken up my world when it comes to makeup brushes! They have such a huge range on their website, and the prices are good medium between drugstore and the higher end brands such as MAC. I am going to talk through my three favourites, and why I have been loving them so much.
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I’ve been on the hunt for a new buffing brush, and the C452 Flat Bronzer Brush* was the answer to my prayers. I’m aware that it’s not primarily a foundation brush but that is the beauty of makeup brushes – they can be real multi-taskers. This dense brush does a great job of really blending the foundation into my skin. The brush is unbelievably soft, and I’ve found it’s very easy to keep clean as it doesn’t shed at all.
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I chose the SS035 Medium Face Contour Brush* as I thought it looked very similar to one of MAC’s cult contour brushes. It is very firm and densely packed, which makes it great for applying powder contour products precisely into the hollows of your cheeks before blending out. It’s the perfect size for me, as I don’t like my contour brushes to be overly large.
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Finally I have to mention the C329 Pointed Blush Brush* which I love to use for applying blush and highlight. It’s tapered shape is ideal for placing a pop of colour onto the apples of the cheeks, or for blending highlight over the tops of the cheek bones. I always struggle with blush brushes as I don’t like the traditional big and fluffy style, so this tapered shape has really won me over.

I’ve found all three of these brushes really great to work with, they are easy to clean and apply product beautifully. If I had to choose an overall favourite it would definitely be the C329 Pointed Blush Brush as I don’t own any other brushes like it. I can’t wait to try more from Crown Brush, I’ve been totally converted!

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11 thoughts on “Current Makeup Brush Favourites with Crown Brush

  1. I’ve really been needing some new brushes and these all look great! I’ve heard of crown brush before but never brought anything from them!


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