A Change of Perspective.

change.jpgToday I want to write about something a little different to my usual style. The past few weeks I have been having a bit of a rubbish time; I’ve lost my motivation and at times I’ve just felt like things are getting on top of me. I think in the age that we live in, this social media society it’s often quite hard to bring yourself up as there’s so much negativity going on around us.

As well as the general global negativity (BREXIT, Orlando Shootings etc) I feel as though there’s been a change in the mood of the blogging community. There is ALWAYS some sort of drama going on, especially on Twitter – people arguing, just not able to except that not everyone is going to share their same opinion. I’ve noticed people seem to have become highly critical too, as well as placing real stereotypes on bloggers and bad-mouthing those who try to have a positive attitude. Of course I am making generalisations here, and maybe I’m just noticing these things as I’m not feeling my usual positive self.

People are very quick to criticise, and point out our flaws. A while ago I wrote a post titled the Social Media Debate, where I discussed the pressures of social media. For example – Instagram themes, people maintain their picture perfect front on Instagram but who knows what could be going on behind closed doors? Society has put a level of pressure on us all to be living this marble background-minimalist clean cut lifestyle. I think society puts unrealistic expectations on us, and I dread to think how things will have changed by the time my children are old enough to be in my position.

I feel like as human’s it is in our nature to compare ourselves to others, we are naturally competitive beings. But we should also be able to celebrate other people’s success. With the rise of social media, ratings and statistics have become a bit part of our lives whether people like to believe it or not. I’ve decided to take it upon myself to try and stop comparing myself to other bloggers, as it only makes me feel worse. At the end of the day, everyone’s situation is different; some of us are blogging as well as working full time, others consider blogging a full time job, let alone the huge variety of equipment we all use. So why add extra pressure on yourself by comparing yourself to others? That’s what I keep asking myself, so that’s why I’ve decided it’s time to stop.

As we have seen from recent global events, there are some pretty messed up people in this world. So my thought is, why be negative if it’s not necessary? What’s the point in spreading that negativity to others? So I guess that is the crux of this post, it’s more of an inner monologue that’s been running through my mind. But it’s my personal vow to try and be a more positive person. Everyone has down days, there’s nothing wrong with that. But I’m going to try and forget the pressures of our social media lifestyle, and do my best to try to spread some positivity through my life and my blog too.

I am aware a lot of this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I was having one of those moments where I just needed to get my thoughts on to paper as it were. So this seemed like the perfect opportunity. If you enjoyed the style of this post, or have any feedback I’d love to hear your honest thoughts?

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13 thoughts on “A Change of Perspective.

  1. good on you hun posting this. I dont know what is going on but i have come across a lot of twitter arguments of people not wanting to accept each others opinions. As much as i have my own opinion, i choose not to express it out of fear of upsetting anyone who might not agree, which would not be my intention in the first place. Hopefully things calm down and we all just continue to share and being passionate about what we all have in common. Blogging. xx



  2. I had a similar I need to get my thoughts onto paper moment on Monday! Totally agree with you – I try not to give a crap about stats any more, it’s depressing when you put out a post that you love and notice it’s not getting the traction/comments or views you think it deserves so I just avoid it unless I’m asked to provide them by a brand! Like you say full time bloggers who have the luxury of being able to be on social media all day and interact and build a following are different to people who work full time in other jobs!


  3. I think you are very creative to post so regularly and often on the topic you usually have – beauty products and all associated with that. You probably have some high goals for yourself and your blog and it looks like you must be meeting some of them pretty well. That should make you happy/satisfied and ready to reach for new goals. Who needs to compare to others? You are unique and don’t have to be like anyone else. You are right to not get into that trap any more. Good girl.


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