5 Instagram Favourites!

Instagram is a major source of inspiration for me. I could spend hours scrolling through my feed admiring other bloggers gorgeous images, as well as checking out the bbloggers hash tag of course! I wanted to share some love for my current favourite instagram accounts, as we all know how much hard work goes into maintaining a successful instagram feed and all of these ladies are truly killing it!

Katy Belle – This lovely lady deserves a way bigger following than what she has, as her feed is truly stunning! I love her clean cut monochrome style, it’s very simplistic but effective.

Jodie Melissa – I have been following Jodie on Instagram for quite a while now, I’m a huge fan of her blog and that translates onto her insta feed also. If you are beauty blogger looking for inspiration, this is the place to come.

Daisy M Green – Yet another dreamy Instagram feed! Daisy’s photography is always brilliant, and I particularly love her flat-lay photos. She has a really distinctive style which comes across very well.

Beauty by the Bunny – Angela’s Instagram feed is beauty blogger heaven! I’d warn your bank balance in advance, as this feed will definitely give you the urge for a beauty haul.

Laurzrah – Another beautiful beauty bloggers feed, always full of a wide range of products and stunning photography.

Be sure to head on over to the Instagram pages that I’ve linked above and share some love! I’d love to hear who are your favourite accounts on Instagram?

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