Mini Colour Pop Haul!


Colour Pop have finally decided to offer international shipping, so of course I had to have myself a little haul. I actually did a joint order with my friend Callie, so we spilt the postage and customs charges.

Colour Pop charge a flat rate of $25 dollars to ship to the UK, and I think in total we were charged approximately £19 in shipping (bare in mind Callie ordered lots more than I did!). I just wanted to get the nitty gritty bit out the way first of all, I do think it’s worth the money if you are going to try a good amount of products from Colour Pop.

Now onto the fun stuff, the products! I already own a few of the Colour Pop eyeshadows, which I absolutely love. So it was inevitable I would get more eye shadows, but I also wanted to try products that were totally new to me.

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I chose their Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park. This product is a liquid lipstick, but with a slightly more comfortable Satin finish. They aren’t smudge proof like their matte counter part, but they are still very long wearing. The shade Echo Park is a classic nude, I would describe it as a more muted version of MAC Velvet Teddy.

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The next product I chose was the Colour Pop Super Shock Cheek in the shade Birthday Suit. This blush has a similar formula to the eyeshadows, it’s almost mousse like in texture and I can’t wait to see how this looks on my skin. Birthday Suit is a rosy pink shade which I think would work well all year round.

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When it came to picking my eyeshadow shades, it took me quite a while. There is such a wide range, from your standard neutrals to beautiful bright and bold colours. I decided to try the shade Wattles as I had seen Kathleen Lights mention this shade quite a lot in her videos. Wattles is a dusky rose shade with a subtle shimmer, which makes it very versatile.

I’ve been looking for a more frosty shade recently to use as an inner corner highlight – so the shade Tassel really stood out to me. It’s a frosty white shimmer which makes for a different inner corner highlight.

I’m considering filming a first impressions video using my Colour Pop products, so if you’d be interested in this please let me know in the comments below.

Have you tried any products from Colour Pop?

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13 thoughts on “Mini Colour Pop Haul!

  1. I really want to try some colourpop stuff but I think I might order through a shipping service as to pay almost £50 on top of what I order would be a bit crappy! I definitely love the look of the products though, I’ve definitely got my eye on birthday suit xx


  2. I really wanted to pick some stuff up from Colourpop but I was like nuh uh, not the £19 postage fees, but what a great idea to split the postage costs with your friends! Wattles and Weenie are on my list from Kathleen Lights – do you mind me asking how much your customs was? This is why I cancelled my order because I didn’t know that it didn’t include customs!


  3. Great Haul! I have been so desperate to try stuff from Colour Pop especially now they ship internationally! Did you pay customs fee when you ordered or did you have to pay extra once it arrived?


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