Battle of the Body Scrubs!


When it comes to body scrubs and exfoliation, there is quite a saturated market at the moment. With self tanning becoming ever popular, and also the coffee scrub trend, scrubs are on the rise. I myself don’t tend to fake tan often, but I have dry skin so body scrubs are an important part of my pamper routine. I’ve really enjoyed testing out these three products, so I thought I would run through the pros and cons of each of them.

LUSH Rough with the Smooth Body Scrub (£4.95) – Rough with the Smooth is one of LUSH’s Naked products (package free) so I was instantly a fan as this is better for the environment. The scrub has a scent of patchouli and black pepper, just like the Lord of Misrule scent which is a favourite of mine. On first use this scrub is quite abrasive but it becomes more gentle the more you use it, the granules within the scrub are very fine which keeps my skin feeling smooth. My only bug bear would be that because this is a naked product, it’s not the easiest to store.
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Grounded Coconut Coffee Scrub (200g for £15.00) – This scrub contains robusta coffee beans to scrub away dry, dead or flakey skin. The added ingredient of extra virgin coconut oil makes it more indulgent, as well as smelling incredible. It is quite a rough and abrasive scrub, I can imagine this would be great for exfoliating away fake tan. I’ve enjoyed using the Grounded scrub as I’ve found it to be really moisturising. My only criticism would be the packaging – many coffee scrub brands seem to opt for this and it’s a little unimaginative. The scrub can also be a little messy, especially when used in the bath.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub (300ml for £8.00) – I’m a huge fan of the Smoothie Star scent from Soap & Glory so the scent of this scrub is an instant hit with me. This scrub is much more gentle in it’s texture, it reminds me of porridge! For someone with sensitive this skin this is perfect for me as it’s not too abrasive but still does the job. It also contains natural ingredients such as banana and almond extracts which are very nourishing.
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To summarise, it is quite close to call it between the three scrubs as they each have their strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to value for money, and being kind to the environment of course LUSH Rough with the Smooth wins hands down. That coupled with the Lord of Misrule scent have meant LUSH are onto a winner. I have nothing but good things to say about the Soap & Glory scrub, and when it comes to Grounded I just think the price point is a little too high!

I think my overall winner would have to be LUSH Rough with the Smooth, I think it’s the perfect level of abrasion and it has the most delicious scent.

What is your favourite body scrub?

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