My top tips for keeping organised!


This past year running my blog and working full time has been a challenge at times. Things are about to get even more complicated, as I start my University course. So I thought I would put together this post to help those of you who may need it, and also as a little reminder to myself as well.

In the past I’ve found it’s so easy to procrastinate when deadlines are hanging over you, and organisation is super important. I think that remains the same whether it’s blog related, University or just work deadlines. So here are my top tips for keeping organised.

Make lists – I’m an avid list-maker; shopping lists, to do lists – the list goes on! I find that having a visual representation of whatever I’m doing helps me stay on track and also stops me from forgetting things.

Invest in a weekly planner, as well as a good diary – I have been using a weekly planner for the past few months, and I’ve bought myself a new one ready for University. I use it as a diary and a to-do list combined, writing what I have planned each day and any deadlines I have: for example my blog post schedule.

Plan your time wisely – I’ve found this especially useful when it comes to University work and revision. I set aside a few hours each day to do productive work – rather than throwing myself in the deep end and spending days on end deep in books.

Don’t try to do too much at once – It’s really important not to overwhelm yourself, or to try and force things. In my experience I’ve found that this never ends well and nothing productive will come from this. When I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed I like to make time to do something relaxing, or to watch something I enjoy on Netflix as a bit of a distraction.

Reward yourself when you meet your goals – Self praise is also important, as we often don’t get praise from elsewhere. So when you meet a goal, complete a piece of coursework or upload your latest post/video give yourself a bit of credit. Whether that’s a pat on the back, or a slice of cake that’s up to you.

With that all being said, it’s only around 3 weeks until I start my University course now. I’ve come to terms with the fact I’m going to have to make some changes when it comes to my blog, but I’m not totally certain what my schedule will be just yet. I am considering changing my posting schedule to Tuesdays, Fridays & Sundays but it’s not set in stone at the moment.

What do you do to keep organised/motivated?

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6 thoughts on “My top tips for keeping organised!

  1. Wow you have been blogging for a long time! Keep it up! I am the same with lists – I have lists in a journal, a list on my phone, so many to do lists 😂 one thing I’ve found especially helpful is to write down all my ideas in a blogging journal, it helps keep me inspired to write new things when I’m limited on time 🙂


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