Starting University & Changing My Blog Schedule!


Tomorrow marks my first week on my new University course. Those of you who know me well will know that I’ve been to University once already, I graduated in 2013. But I must admit that doesn’t make this new course any less daunting! This time I am going to studying at Oxford Brookes University and my course is called Operating Department Practice. I wanted to write a post about this, and my plans for my blog whilst I’m studying.

On Tuesday I will be heading up to Swindon for my first week of lectures. We will have six weeks of lectures where we will learn theΒ theory, before moving onto placements in November. Luckily I should have a more local placement (fingers crossed), so once those first six weeks are out of the way I will be back at home most of the time. But for the first six weeks I will be staying with my brother in Bristol so that I am closer to the campus.

Of course it goes without saying that my course will become my priority, but I’m determined to keep my blog running throughout my studies. Throughout the past 18 months of having my blog, I’ve met so many lovely people and I’ve felt great accomplishment through my writing. This blog is my little creative place, and I do find the writing therapeutic in a way so I’d hate to give it up. I’ve also enjoyed starting my YouTube channel, and I’ve loved the challenge of creating and editing video content as well as blogging.

Because of that I feel I should do whatever I can to keep my blog & my channel going so I’ve tried to come up with a solution. I need to take a little bit of a step back so I’ve adjusted my blog post schedule as follows: Tuesday, Friday & Sunday at 9.00am. I’m not going to set myself a strict schedule for YouTube, I’m just going to try and upload as regularly as I can.

I’ve decided I’m going to write about my time at University – studying for a NHS course isn’t like your typical degree but I’d love to share my experience so that others can learn from it too.

I’m incredibly nervous to start the course. But now that things seem to be falling into place, I’m excited to see what this new venture holds.

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13 thoughts on “Starting University & Changing My Blog Schedule!

  1. Good luck for tomorrow – you will be fabulous! Changing your blog schedule is a good idea – but only do what you can, your readers will still be here regardless of how many times a week you post 😊 xxxx


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